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Outlook 97 Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: Forms\Internet

ID: Q174293

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Outlook 97


This article shows you how to obtain support information from the Microsoft Knowledge Base by e-mail or by fax. If you are currently viewing this article on the World Wide Web, this information may not pertain to you.


The "Article Listing" section of this article includes a subset of Knowledge Base articles about Programming, Forms and Internet. Use the instructions in the "Ordering an Articles by E-Mail or by Fax" section of this article to order items from this list.

Note that because Microsoft Technical Support is constantly adding new information to the Knowledge Base, not all articles are listed here. For this reason, you may want to look on the Web to find the information you are looking for. Microsoft Technical Support on the Web is located at the following address on the World Wide Web:


Ordering an Article by E-Mail

To have an article from the list sent to you in e-mail, send a message to "" (without the quotation marks), and use the Article ID in the subject line of the message, as in the following example:

   SUBJECT: Q119591

For more information about how to order an article by e-mail, send an e- mail message to "" (without the quotation marks), with the word "index" in the subject line of the message, as in the following example:

   SUBJECT: index

Ordering an Article over the Phone and Having It Sent to a Fax Machine

To have an article sent to a fax machine, use the Microsoft FastTips System. Microsoft FastTips is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from a touch-tone telephone. To order items from this article list, first note the five- to six-digit number of the Article ID shown for each item, and then follow these steps:

1. Dial the toll-free FastTips number:

      (800) 936-4100

2. When prompted, select the appropriate number for the product you are

   using (for example, for Microsoft Word, select 2).

3. When prompted, select the version of the product that you are using.

4. From the "FastTips Main Menu," select 1 to place a FastTips catalog


5. At the "to order items from your catalog" prompt, select 1.

6. When prompted with the "at the tone, enter the item ID number followed

   by the pound key" message, enter the Article ID number from the
   following list and press # (use the numbers following "Q," but do not
   include "Q").

      NOTE: You can order up to five items at a time.

7. When prompted, select the fax option and enter your three-digit area

   code and seven-digit fax number.

8. When you're finished ordering, hang up.

If you have problems receiving a fax, please call the FastTips Hotline at (425) 635-3199.



Q174192   OL97: View Persistence for Public Folders may be Lost
Q174016   OL97: Error in "Download Offline Address Book" Help Topic
Q174006   OL97: Garbled Umlauts in Subject Line Using CC:Mail Service
Q173868   OL97: Encrypted Message Copies without Password Prompt
Q173749   OL97: User-Defined Field Shows How E-mail is Addressed
Q173671   OL97: Bookman Old Style Font Does Not Bold in AutoSignature
Q173604   OL97: How to Use Command Bars in Outlook Solutions
Q173599   OL97: New Mail Notification Disables Next/Previous Item
Q173598   OL97: Additional Control Properties Available for Programming
Q173589   OL97: How To Create a Categories Button on a Custom Form Page
Q173588   OL97: Cannot Programmatically Change Contact's E-mail Address
Q173462   OL97: Forwarded Message Behaves Differently with Rules Wizard
Q173208   OL97: Configuring Outlook for a WinGate Proxy Server
Q173128   OL97: Word Document Custom Date Field Off by One Day in Outlook
Q173115   OL97: Active Messaging 1.1 Available
Q173114   OL97: How to Determine the Model of theTimex Data Link Watch
Q173103   OL97: Unable to Route E-mail Message
Q173102   OL97: Sample Groupware Applications Available
Q173101   OL97: Unable to Copy and Paste from the 3-Pane Extension Window
Q173081   OL97 ErrMsg: Failed to Load Resource DLL ODBCINT.DLL
Q173019   OL97: CC:Mail Service Versions Shipped with Versions of Outlook
Q172963   OL97: How to Share Outlook Folders Using the Briefcase
Q172958   OL97: Command Line for Creating a Pre-addressed E-mail Message
Q172917   OL97: Appointments Import Incorrectly with Foreign Settings
Q172852   OL97: Configuring AT&T Worldnet in Outlook IMEP
Q172842   OL97: Outlook Third Party Add-on Information
Q172796   OL97: Creating Sequentially-Numbered Items in a Folder
Q172795   OL97: How to Control the Sort Order of Your Contacts
Q172755   OL97: Working With the Message or Body of an Outlook Item
Q172752   OL97: Custom Forms and Programming Limitations
Q172719   OL97: Programmatically-Created Attachment Loses Icon
Q172718   OL97: Programmatically Specifying an Attachment Type
Q172623   OL97: Microsoft Outlook Version Information
Q172536   OL97: Sychronize Option Not Listed on the Tools Menu
Q172535   OL97: Newly Exported .PST File Locked By Another Process
Q172388   OL97: Err Msg: Cannot Establish a Dialup Connection
Q172350   OL97 ErrMsg: Messaging Interface Has Returned an Unknown Error
Q172074   OL97: No Internet Mail and MSN Services on Windows NT 3.51
Q172073   OL97: Contents of the Outlook.prf File
Q172072   OL97: Troubleshooting Synchronization Problems
Q172001   OL97: Text After First Comma Lost Exporting to Text File
Q171960   OL97: How to Change the Default Duration of Appointments
Q171956   OL97: Cannot Sort, Group, or Filter on Field
Q171743   OL97: System Hangs When Exporting to Timex Datalink Watch
Q171739   OL97: Adding Help Files to an Outlook Custom Form
Q171725   OL97: Outlook Rules Wizard Troubleshooting
Q171679   OL97: Overview of the Rules Wizard Add-in
Q171650   OL97: Additional +1 Added to Phone Number of Contact
Q171630   OL97: Files Installed by the Internet Mail Enhancement Patch
Q171582   OL97: Purpose and Capacity of Outlook Storage Facilities
Q171466   OL97: Dr. Watson Error Corrected by Creating a New Profile
Q171462   OL97: Find Items Fails When User Field Matches Built-in Field
Q171459   OL97: Purpose of the Private Check Box on Outlook Items
Q171436   OL97: E-mail Contains Text Instead of Attachment
Q171294   OL97: HTML Formatted Mail Is Received as a Shortcut Icon
Q171292   OL97: Reply Starts Another Mail Client Rather Than Outlook
Q171246   OL97: Supported Outlook Forms Control Events
Q171160   OL97: E-mail Truncated Sending to Alphanumeric Pagers
Q171158   OL97: Accessing Data from an Outlook Grid Control
Q171118   OL97: Troubleshooting Solutions That Don't Run on Other Computer
Q171115   OL97: How to Use the Restrict Method
Q171109   OL97: Next/Previous Disabled Using Programming to Display Item
Q171043   OL97: Microsoft Fax Does Not Process Dialing Properties
Q171024   OL97: MPREXE Causes Invalid Page Fault When Checking for Mail
Q171013   OL97: Added Internet E-mail Servers May Not Be Selected
Q170992   OL97: How to Save an Outlook Calendar in HTML Format
Q170991   OL97: Programming With EntryIDs, StoreIDs, and GetItemFromID
Q170956   OL97: How to Change the Font Size on the Calendar TaskPad
Q170920   OL97: Error Message Caused by Internet Idioms Add-In
Q170789   OL97: How to Retrieve All Recurring Appointments with Code
Q170788   OL97: Conflicting Edits Warning After Synchronizing Folders
Q170786   OL97: Translator Error Exporting to a File
Q170785   OL97: Invalid Page Fault Clicking Outlook Contacts Folder
Q170783   OL97: Q&A: Questions about Customizing or Programming Outlook
Q170743   OL97: Maximum Length of an Internet Mail Account Name
Q170694   OL97: Unable to Send Mail Using the CompuServe Mail Service
Q170684   OL97: Unreliable Read and Delivery Receipts with Internet E-mail
Q170678   OL97: How to Mangage Multiple Exchange Mailbox Accounts
Q170656   OL97: ErrMsg Exporting Data to Timex DataLink Watch
Q170653   OL97: Unable to Manually Disconnect Using Remote Mail
Q170649   OL97: Internal Authentication Error when Checking for New Mail
Q170647   OL97 ErrMsg: Synchronizing Folders With OSR2 Security Update
Q170632   OL97: Offline Folder Synchronization Error
Q170631   OL97: Removing the "(E-mail)" From E-mail Display Names
Q170608   OL97: Outlook Appears to Hang When Marking Multiple Headers
Q170603   OL97: Go to Today and/or Group By Button Unavailable on Toolbar
Q170599   OL97 ErrMsg: Opening PDF File Attachment in Outlook
Q170580   OL97: Embedded Objects May Be Lost when Sending Internet E-Mail
Q170579   OL97: Mark My Comments Feature May not Work when Using IMEP
Q170571   OL97: Internet Mail Enhancement Patch Always Stores Password
Q170544   OL97: Results of Dragging a File Into an Outlook Folder
Q170538   OL97: How to Mail Merge from Outlook Contacts to Word 97
Q170524   OL97: How to Stop Outlook from Dialing ISP When Starting Up
Q170401   OL97: Some Fonts Appear as Question Marks Using WordMail
Q170385   OL97: Contents of the Imepread.txt Readme File
Q170384   OL97: Configuring IMEP to Automatically Dial Your ISP
Q170379   OL97: Controls Unexpectedly Resize or Move on a Custom Form
Q170323   OL97: Error Using Duplicate IMEP Accounts Names
Q170322   OL97: Error Uninstalling IMEP on Windows NT
Q170321   OL97: How to Turn On Logging After Installing the IMEP
Q170320   OL97: How to Programmatically Import Outlook Items from Access
Q170310   OL97: One Reply Tick at Start of Non-Wrapped Text
Q170301   OL97: How to Update Existing Items to Use a New Custom Form
Q170300   OL97: Behavior of Appointment Reminder Check Box
Q170269   OL97: IMEP Won't Install in Run From Network or CD Installation
Q170258   OL97: How to Remove the Internet Mail Enhancement Patch
Q170253   OL97 ErrMsg: Invalid Page Fault in Keyboard.drv
Q170249   OL97: Retrieved Messages Still Download Headers
Q170234   OL97: Internet Mail Fails to Check Mail After Outlook Reinstall
Q170207   OL97: Multiple Internet Mail Account Processing wth IMEP
Q170138   OL97: E-Mail Priority not Recognized by Outlook
Q169944   OL97: Appointments Imported From Schedule+ May be Off One Hour
Q169824   OL97: Contact's Journal Entries Lost When Importing or Copying
Q169820   OL97: Delegate Permissions Become Incorrectly Set to Custom
Q169819   OL97: Creating a From Rule for an Internet Mail Address
Q169817   OL97: Imported Phone Numbers Have .000 Appended
Q169751   OL97: Errors in Outlook Visual Basic Help (Vbaoutl.hlp)
Q169750   OL97: How to Programmatically Resolve a Contact's E-mail Address
Q169662   OL97: Daily Notes from Schedule+ 1.0 Do Not Import to Outlook
Q169566   OL97: Custom Template Does not Appear in Word Letter Wizard
Q169564   OL97: Cannot Omit or Change Name When Printing in Memo Style
Q169503   OL97: Running Clean Mailbox Agent Can Result in Lost Messages
Q169440   OL97: Current QFE Information for Microsoft Outlook
Q169431   OL97: Word 97 Document to Change Outlook Folder Message Class
Q169287   OL97: Import Wizard Procedure Incomplete
Q169286   OL97: Missing Delivery Information in HTML Code Inserts Slash
Q169285   OL97: Importing a PDL from a PAB May Cause Duplicate Contacts
Q169167   OL97: Invalid Page Fault Opening Outlook Notes MAPI Folder
Q168975   OL97: How to Use Fields and Controls with VBScript
Q168889   OL97: Cannot Programmatically Sign or Seal a Mail Message
Q168832   OL97: Spelling Checker Does Not Check Words in the Subject Line
Q168808   OL97: Recipient Cannot See Changes to Customized Message Form
Q168803   OL97: Custom Form Icon Change Does Not Display in Table View
Q168784   OL97: Custom Field Values Lost When Sending Request Form
Q168783   OL97: No Option to Import/Export dBase, Access, Excel or FoxPro
Q168782   OL97: How to Control Your Dial UP Internet Connection With IMEP
Q168767   OL97: Garbled Characters in Imported CC:Mail Bulletin Board
Q168727   OL97: Cannot Create a Conditional Rule with the Rules Wizard
Q168705   OL97: Known ISP Server Problems With Outlook
Q168666   OL97 Err Msg: Unable to Open Default Mail Folders
Q168665   OL97: All Day Events Not Exported to Timex Data Link Watch
Q168647   OL97: Internet E-mail Service Displays Unnecessary Message
Q168644   OL97: How to Back Up Outlook's Data
Q168642   OL97: Unable to Print a Shared Schedule+ Calendar from Outlook
Q168621   OL97: Calendar Disappears in Second Window
Q168619   OL97 ErrMsg: Condition is not Valid Using Timex Wizard
Q168588   OL97: Fax Uses Incorrect Country Code With Windows NT
Q168240   OL97: Postal Codes Import Incorrectly from Excel Workbook
Q168095   OL97: How to Automate Outlook from Another Program
Q168025   OL97: How to Protect a Custom Form from Changes
Q168024   OL97: How to Create a Linked Object From a Word Document
Q168022   OL97: How to Set a Form's From Field Using VBScript
Q168021   OL97: Programmatically Accessing Office Form Documents
Q168020   OL97: Information About Synchronizing Outlook with PalmPilot
Q167986   OL97: When the Check for New Messages Setting Takes Effect
Q167984   OL97: OK Button Appears Dimmed When Mapping Custom Fields
Q167976   OL97: Outlook Always Starts With Outlook Bar and Folder List Off
Q167975   OL97: Office Programs Stop Responding While Outlook Is Busy
Q167974   OL97: How to Remove Microsoft Sample Forms From Your Computer
Q167940   OL97: Only First Call Connects with Gateway Voice Modem
Q167868   OL97: Internet Mail Account Password not Persistent
Q167770   OL97: Field Differences Between Outlook and Word Mail Merge
Q167755   OL97: Truncated Data From Imported dBase File
Q167754   OL97: Cannot Set or Change the Default File Save As Location
Q167678   OL97 Err Msg: Internal Application Error
Q167676   OL97: Multiple Personal Address Book Imports Cause Duplicates
Q167425   OL97: Error Importing Schedule+ 1.0 (.cal) Files to Outlook
Q167337   OL97: How to Import and Export Text Data with Outlook
Q167316   OL97: How to Import Act 2.x Files into Outlook
Q167266   OL97: Information on Messages with a Message.txt Attachment
Q167264   OL97: ErrMsg in Extension Configuration File Starting Outlook
Q167257   OL97: Problems Sending Fax With Personal Fax for Windows NT
Q167240   OL97 VBScript: How to Populate a ComboBox with Your Contacts
Q167187   OL97: How to Bind a Control to the Field of Another Control
Q167148   OL97: Removal of IMEP Deletes Original Account Information
Q167146   OL97: Improvements in the Internet Mail Enhancement Patch
Q167145   OL97: Headers Not Visible on Options Tab of Message
Q167144   OL97: Reply to Internet Mail Does Not Preserve Original Format
Q167143   OL97: Spelling Check Does Not Ignore Original Message Text
Q167142   OL97: Internet Mail Reply Does not Add Angle Bracket
Q167138   OL97: General Information About Using VBScript with Outlook
Q167137   OL97: VBScript Example Returns the Current User Name
Q167111   OL97: BCC List Included in Internet Mail Header
Q167091   OL97: End of IMEP Setup Displays Internet Mail Property Sheet
Q167089   OL97: Cancel Button Does Not Work in Delivering Messages Dialog
Q167088   OL97: No Warning for Missing DNS Information
Q167084   OL97: Reply Characters (Ticks)  Not Available With Task Requests
Q167083   OL97: Cannot Schedule Multiple Delivery Times in Same Profile
Q167080   OL97: Outlook Support for vCards
Q166993   OL97 Outlook Calendar Template for Word 97 Available on MSL
Q166976   OL97: Help for IMEP Disappears After Installing Other Add-ins
Q166975   OL97: Problems Copying Profiles when Using IMEP
Q166974   OL97: Error When Installing IMEP With Running Programs
Q166901   OL97: Voting Messages and Meeting Invitations Missing Buttons
Q166898   OL97: Windows 95 Service Pack 1 and Password Issues
Q166855   OL97 ErrMsg: Importing Schedule+ SC2 File
Q166853   OL97: Bound Control Does Not Support Click Event
Q166852   OL97: Outlook Continues to Run After Exit with AutoJournal
Q166850   OL97: Outlook Starts Slowly with AutoJournal Feature
Q166780   OL97: Why Outlook Displays a Security Warning Opening an Item
Q166778   OL97: Contents of the Profile.doc Readme File
Q166739   OL97 Doc Err: Add Internet Address to the Personal Address Book
Q166738   OL97: How to Install Visual Basic Help
Q166647   OL97: Unable to Configure More than One Internet Mail Service
Q166446   OL97: Outlook Voting and Vote Processing
Q166405   OL97: Missing Date Completed Data on Task Export
Q166380   OL97: Error Converting Outlook Contacts to Schedule+
Q166376   OL97: Tracking the Delivery and Reading of E-mail Messages
Q166369   OL97 ErrMsg: "Could Not Load an Object" When Opening an Item
Q166368   OL97: How to Get Help Programming with Outlook
Q166333   OL97: How to Correct Formatting and Parsing of Imported Contacts
Q166307   OL97: How to Convert Outlook Appointments to Schedule+ 7.0
Q166306   OL97: Customized Post Forms Do Not Display the Information Bar
Q166300   OL97: Outlook Services File Information
Q166264   OL97: Internet Idioms Error When Starting Outlook
Q166263   OL97: Zoom Percentage Too Small
Q166262   OL97: Visual Basic Script Editor Has 32 KB Limit
Q166218   OL97: Localized Versions of Outlook 97 and Exchange 5.0
Q166120   OL97: Access Violation Using Outlook with Peer Web Services
Q166091   OL97: No Support of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Q166024   OL97: Outlook 8.02 Distribution Information
Q166023   OL97: Outlook 8.02 Security Improvements
Q166022   OL97: Summary of Changes in Outlook Version 8.02 (CLN 5.0 SP1)
Q166001   OL97: Outlook VBScript Editor Patch Available on MSL
Q165981   OL97: Adding an Outlook Folder to the Office Shortcut Bar
Q165949   OL97: Calendar Control Not Available to VBScript
Q165873   OL97: Sam Translator Error Importing Schedule+ File
Q165859   OL97: Cannot Select Which Personal Address Book to Import
Q165794   OL97: Unable to Save Rules After Installing Rules Wizard
Q165553   OL97: Outlook Evaluation Edition Setup Issues
Q165514   OL97: How to Create a New Item Based on a Custom Form
Q165500   OL97: Error Sending E-mail With  cc:Mail Transport
Q165498   OL97: Error During Conversion of Lotus Organizer Files
Q165484   OL97 DocErr: Microsoft Network Uses Internet Mail Service
Q165375   OL97: Exporting Outlook Contacts to Internet Mail and News
Q165374   OL97: Setup in Batch/Quiet Mode for Outlook
Q165229   OL97: Configuring the CompuServe Mail Information Service
Q165228   OL97: Configuring the Internet Mail Information Service
Q165207   OL97: Problems With Netscape Internet Mail Transport
Q165140   OL97: Error Message Using PROFS/UV Transport
Q165139   OL97: How to Reorder Outlook Address Book Names
Q165116   OL97: Mail Attachment Security Add-in Available on Web
Q165115   OL97: Outlook Problems Handling Macintosh File Attachments
Q164994   OL97: Converting Windows Cardfile Files to Outlook
Q164975   OL97: Password Error Connecting to Internet Mail Provider
Q164974   OL97: Minimized Message Cannot Be Closed with Right-click
Q164973   OL97: Setting Up SPRYNET for Use With Outlook
Q164968   OL97 ErrMsg: The Octal Was Not Found in Mapi32.dll
Q164811   OL97: Err Msg: Outlook Setup Cannot Create Schdmapi.dll
Q164744   OL97: E-Mail Opened in Netscape Navigator May Not Line Wrap
Q164626   OL97: Letter to Contact Wizard Does Not Insert Company
Q164531   OL97: How to Use the Windows Address Book (WAB) with Outlook
Q164521   OL97: Outlook Related ValuPack Components
Q164520   OL97: Lotus Organizer Conversion Issues
Q164477   OL97: Address Displays Incorrectly on Imported Contacts
Q164408   OL97: Imported Fax Numbers May not Work in Outlook
Q164407   OL97: Managing a PST for Two Different Computers
Q164401   OL97: Fields Missing Inserting a Contact into Word
Q164312   OL97: Cannot Copy and Paste Items Between Outlook Profiles
Q164271   OL97: Converting Schedule+ Files to Outlook 97
Q164247   OL97: Outlook Does not Correctly Show All TAPI Devices
Q164246   OL97 ErrMsg in Msspc.ecf and Msspc32.dll When Starting Outlook
Q164245   OL97: Connection Error Using MindSpring Internet Mail
Q164107   OL97: Converting SideKick Files to Outlook 97
Q164105   OL97: Warning Msg Inserting Two Message or Notes Controls
Q164046   OL97: Converting ECCO Files to Outlook
Q163860   OL97: Err Msg: A Message Could Not Be Delivered
Q163769   OL97: How to Start Another Program from an Outlook Form
Q163750   OL97: Outlook Running With Eudora Pro 3.0 May Cause Errors
Q163743   OL97: Information About Outlook Version 8.01
Q163666   OL97: Problem Exporting Multi-line Contact Street Addresses
Q163609   OL97: How to Manage Outlook Windows
Q163435   VBA: Programming Resources for Visual Basic for Applications
Q163422   OL97: Connection Error Using GTE Internet Mail with Outlook
Q163421   OL97: Connect Error Using SPRYNET Internet Mail with Outlook
Q163419   OL97: Connection Error Using NETCOM Internet Mail with Outlook
Q163385   OL97: Mail Message Icon Does Not Change After Reading
Q163178   OL97: How to Change the Name of Contacts in the Address Book
Q163177   OL97: Weekday Is Wrong for Dates More than 30 Years Ago
Q163144   OL97: No Schedule+ Icon on Outlook Toolbar
Q163089   OL97: Sent Mail Disappears with Focal Point Extensions Loaded
Q163088   OL97: Synchronizing Outlook Items with Windows CE Items
Q163087   OL97: Connection Error Using MCI Internet Mail with Outlook
Q162995   OL97: VBScript Cannot Access Characters in the Body Property
Q162990   OL97: Troubleshooting Schedule Plus Import Problems
Q162757   OL97: How to Display Word Custom Properties in an Outlook View
Q162688   OL97: How to Import Act! Version 3.0 Contacts into Outlook
Q162671   OL97: Visual Basic Help File for Microsoft Outlook Available
Q162597   OL97: Internet Mail Connection and Transfer Options
Q162571   OL97: Inbox Assistant Not Available
Q162493   OL97: Connection Error Using AT&T Internet Mail with Outlook
Q162362   OL97: Migrating from Internet Mail to Outlook
Q162346   OL97: Using Exchng32.exe to Troubleshoot Outlook Problems
Q162343   OL97: How to Troubleshoot Mail Stuck in the Outbox
Q162246   OL97: Location Settings Determine Phone Number Format
Q162224   OL97: Err in"About add-ins supplied with Outlook" Help Topic
Q162223   OL97: Err Msg: "MAPI Spooler Has Shut Down Unexpectedly"
Q162222   OL97: Contents of the Olreadme.txt Readme File
Q162203   OL97: User Profiles and Information Services
Q162149   OL97: Internet Tab Missing from Message Properties Dialog Box
Q162123   OL97: Grid Displayed in Form Control Outside of Design Mode
Q162099   OL97: No Reminder for Flagged Messages
Q162046   OL97: Remote Mail, Offline Folders, and Working Offline
Q162026   OL97: Cannot Replicate the Outlook Bar
Q161973   OL97: Troubleshooting Outlook Configuration Problems
Q161924   OL97: How to Programmatically Set TextBox and CheckBox Values
Q161857   OL97: Could Not Find a Contact with This E-mail Address Error
Q161851   OL97: No Check Names Feature for Additional Contact Folder
Q161790   OL97: Error Message That Sent Items Remain in Outbox
Q161740   OL97: Displaying Excel Custom Properties in an Outlook View
Q161725   OL97: What Are Offline Folders and How Do You Use Them?
Q161656   OL97: Unexpected Logon Screen When Starting Outlook
Q161586   OL97: Cannot Change the Default Mail Message Form
Q161556   OL97: Importing from Microsoft Excel Requires Named Range
Q161543   OL97: How to Disable VB Code When You Open an Outlook Item
Q161449   OL97: Phone Number Not Automatically Parsed in Windows NT 3.51
Q161369   OL97: Timex Wizard May Not communicate With Watch
Q161365   OL97: Can't Create New Message from Office Shortcut Bar
Q161323   OL97: Undeliverable Mail Message When Sending Internet Mail
Q161302   OL97: Attachment Does Not Copy Using Drag-and-Drop Feature
Q161297   OL97: How to Change Drop-Down Menu Display Behavior
Q161295   OL97: Cannot Import or Export User-defined Contact Fields
Q161285   OL97: Cannot Drag Multiple Appointments to the Calendar
Q161212   OL97: Error Message: "Unable to load NXPEXT32.DLL"
Q161203   OL97: Outlook Does Not Work with Lotus Notes Mail
Q161182   OL97: Outlook Journaling White Paper Available on MSL
Q161082   OL97: Microsoft Outlook Forms Help Available on MSL
Q161059   OL97: Status Bar Progress Indicator Appears to Stop Responding
Q161057   OL97: Map Custom Fields Button Not Available (Dimmed)
Q161037   OL97: How to Link Outlook Appointments, Contacts, and Tasks
Q161036   OL97: "Microsoft Word as E-mail Editor" Option Unavailable
Q161024   OL97: AutoSignature Not Inserted in Message Based on Custom Form
Q160989   OL97: Timex Watch Will Not Accept Extended Characters
Q160728   OL97: Exchange Preview Pane Extension Not Available in Outlook
Q160521   OL97: Categories Unavailable in Mail Merge to Word
Q160303   OL97: First Tab of Custom Form Cannot Be Modified
Q159706   OL97: Using Microsoft Outlook with Different Mail Systems
Q159694   OL97: Adding a Shortcut Icon to Access Another User's Calendar
Q158254   OL97: Reminder Displays from Different User Profile
Q158243   OL97: Notes Interface Will Not Connect from Outlook
Q158138   OL97: Cannot Add Characters to E-mail Name After It's Expanded
Q158135   OL97: Using Hyperlinks to Access Outlook Folders and Items
Q158110   OL97: Cannot Edit a URL When Composing a Mail Message
Q158106   OL97: Syntax to Access Controls on User-Designed Form
Q158084   OL97: Converters Included with Outlook
Q156373   OL97: How to Get Help on Form Design and Distribution
Q155897   OL97: Using Schedule+ as the Primary Calendar in Outlook 97
Q144522   OL97: Outlook Articles Deleted from Knowledge Base
Q143477   OL97: E-mail Forms Fix Utility
Q143476   OL97: SwitchForms Utility for Outlook and Exchange
Q121796   PC WSPlus: Support for Timex Datalink and Schedule+ Interface
Q112671   "Built-in Constants in Visual Basic for Applications" (WC0993)

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