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How to Filter Certain Folders from Query Results

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Article Last Modified on 1/7/2000


  • Microsoft Index Server 1.1 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q173966


Queries issued against Index Server may return pointers to information that you do not wish users to see, such as scripts or cgi-bin folders.


To keep Index Server from returning queries to documents in certain folder, you can do one of the following:

  • If the folder is a virtual root you can tell Index Server not to index it. To do this, go the Index Server administration page, and select the View/Update Indexing of Virtual Roots button. Then clear the virtual root you do not wish to index.
  • If the folder is not a virtual root, you must add an entry to the CiRestriction in the .idq file. If you know the path to the folder you want to exclude from the result set, add the following CiRestriction to the .idq file:

          cirestriction=(%cirestriction%) and not #vpath

    This will pass the cirestriction from the query form; however, it will not return any documents in the /virtualroot/subfolder directory.

    If copies of the folder exist in multiple locations, you can modify the query to the following:

          cirestriction=(%cirestriction%) and not #vpath *\foldername

    The leading * tells Index Server to look for this folder through out the web, not just in a specific location.

NOTE: On Windows 2000 NTFS volumes, the attribute FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_CONTENT_INDEXED can be set for directories and files, so that the direcotries and files are not indexed by the Windows 2000 Indexing Service.

Additional query words: uncheck FPIIS _vti restrict exclude Results

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