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  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.51
  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Standard Edition

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After you perform a trial migration from a NetWare 4.10 or 4.11 server using the Migration Tool for NetWare (Nwconv.exe), the migration summary window appears with the following message:

Transfer Completed
Migrations Completed  1
Groups Transferred:   0
Users Transferred:    0
Files Transferred:    xxxxxx
Errors:               2

In addition, the Error.log file reports:

[NWServer Name -> NT Server Name]
Error: Getting Groups on Server: NWServer Name
Error: Getting Users on Server: NWServer Name


Even though Gateway Services for NetWare (GSNW) and Client Services for NetWare (CSNW) support NDS-style logon capabilities on Windows NT version 4.0, the Migration Tool for NetWare does not. You must have bindery emulation configured on the NetWare server you want to migrate. With bindery services, NDS imitates a flat structure for leaf objects within a set of Organization (O) and Organizational Unit (OU) objects.

Thus, when bindery services are enabled, all objects within the specified container's bindery context can be accessed both by NDS objects and by bindery-based servers and client workstations.


To check whether bindery emulation has been configured on the NetWare server to be migrated, follow these steps:

  1. Load Servman at the NetWare server console.
  2. Select Server Parameters, and then select Directory Services.
  3. In the Directory Service Parameters, select Bindery Emulation. If there is no SET statement to the right of this entry, bindery emulation has not been enabled.

NOTE: You can also type the command CONFIG at the NetWare server console to find out if a bindery context has been set.

The bindery context is the container object where bindery services are set. You can change the bindery context by using the SET or SERVMAN server utility to set the relevant parameters. Specify one or more containers to be used by NetWare Directory Services when it provides bindery services. The containers should have a maximum of 256 characters and a maximum of 16 contexts, and should use semicolons to separate multiple contexts.



To enable bindery emulation, use one of the following methods:

Method One

  1. While in Servman, click Server Parameters, then click Directory Services, and then click Bindery Emulation.
  2. When you press ENTER, a text entry box will appear; type in the following set statement, substituting the name of the organizational unit from which users will be pulled for OU, and substituting the name of the organization (TREE) where the organizational unit resides for O:


Method Two

  1. Click Install NLM (Load Install), and then click Edit Autoexec.ncf File.
  2. Restart the NetWare server using the Down and Exit commands.

After you use one of these procedures, log off the Windows NT server, then log on again. Trial migration should proceed normally.

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