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Microsoft KB Archive/172082

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Article ID: 172082

Article Last Modified on 7/1/2004


  • Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition

This article was previously published under Q172082


RDO 2.0 gives you the ability to handle asynchronous processing more elegantly than RDO 1.0. Because Visual Basic allows objects to be dimensioned WithEvents, you can use the events of the object as if it were a visual control, such as a textbox, rather than constantly referring to properties such as StillExecuting.


This project is an example of dimensioning object's WithEvents using the events of RDO 2.0's rdoConnection object. Be sure to change the connect string and query string to correctly connect to and query your database.

The sample establishes an asynchronous connection to the database and runs an asynchronous query. When the asynchronous calls are made, the CommandButton on the form is disabled. The cbton is then re-enabled in the rdoConnection's QueryComplete and Connect event. This code is more elegant than using a timer to monitor the StillExecuting property repeatedly.

In the code below, note that the rdoConnection object variable MyConn is treated almost like a visual control. From the code window, the MyConn object variable is available from the dropdown list of available objects.

Step-by-Step Example

  1. Begin by opening a new project and adding a reference to the Microsoft Remote Data Object 2.0. To add a reference, select References from the Project menu.
  2. Place a CommandButton on the form and set its Name property to cmdOpenResultset.
  3. Add the following code to the form. Be sure to modify the gstrConnect constant accordingly to make sure that RDO will connect to your database:

          Const gstrConnect As String = "DRIVER={SQL Server};" & _
                                        "SERVER=YourServer;" & _
                                        "DATABASE=pubs;" & _
                                        "UID=<username>;" & _
                                        "PWD=<strong password>;"
          Const gstrSQL As String = "SELECT * FROM Authors"
          Dim WithEvents MyConn As rdoConnection
          Dim MyRS As rdoResultset
          Private Sub Form_Load()
              Set MyConn = New rdoConnection
              MyConn.Connect = gstrConnect
              MyConn.CursorDriver = rdUseOdbc
              MyConn.EstablishConnection rdDriverNoPrompt, _
                                         False, _
              cmdOpenResultset.Enabled = False
              Caption = "Opening Connection..."
          End Sub
          Private Sub cmdOpenResultset_Click()
              Set MyRS = MyConn.OpenResultset(gstrSQL, _
                                              rdOpenStatic, _
                                              rdConcurReadOnly, _
                                              rdExecDirect + rdAsyncEnable)
              cmdOpenResultset.Enabled = False
              Caption = "Running Query..."
          End Sub
          Private Sub MyConn_Connect(ByVal ErrorOccurred As Boolean)
              If ErrorOccurred Then
                  Caption = "Error Occurred!"
                  Caption = "Connection Established!"
                  cmdOpenResultset.Enabled = True
              End If
          End Sub
          Private Sub MyConn_QueryComplete(ByVal Query As RDO.rdoQuery, _
                                           ByVal ErrorOccurred As Boolean)
              IF ErrorOccured Then
                  Caption = "Error Occurred!"
                  Caption = "Query Complete!"
                  cmdOpenResultset.Enabled = True
              End IF
          End Sub
  4. Run the project.


For more information on RDO 2.0's new functionality or on dimensioning objects WithEvents, please refer to the Visual Basic Help files or to Books Online. (c) Microsoft Corporation 1997, All Rights Reserved.
Contributions by David Sceppa, Microsoft Corporation

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