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HOWTO: Starting FoxPro 2.0 Extended Version under Windows 95

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The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FoxPro for MS-DOS, version 2.0

on the following platforms: Win95


Since the memory manager used with the extended version of FoxPro 2.0 uses Virtual Control Program Interface (VCPI) for its memory management, and Windows 95 uses MS-DOS Protected Mode Interface (DPMI), the error message "Incompatible Memory Manager" appears after attempting to start the extended version of FoxPro 2.0 under Windows 95. However, by using certain properties available with Windows 95 shortcuts, you can successfully start FoxPro 2.0 for MS-DOS in extended mode while running Windows 95.


The method described below does not actually run FoxPro 2.0 in extended mode under Windows 95. Because of the conflict in memory managers, this is impossible. This procedure allows you to start the extended version of FoxPro 2.0 for MS-DOS by logging out of Windows 95, restarting the machine in MS-DOS mode with a specific memory configuration, and returning to Windows 95 after exiting FoxPro 2.0. This method is best suited for stand- alone applications of FoxPro 2.0 since network connections created under Windows 95 are lost when Windows shuts down. However, if network connections are necessary, a batch file can be created that would set up the network connections at the MS-DOS level and then start FoxPro 2.0 in extended mode.

  1. Create a shortcut pointing to the Foxprox.exe file.
  2. Right-click the new shortcut and select Properties.
  3. Click on the Program tab and click the Advanced button.
  4. Select MS-DOS Mode and click the "Specify a new MS-DOS configuration" button.
  5. Type the following lines in the window entitled Config.sys for MS-DOS mode: '

          Device=Win95\Emm386.exe 4096
  6. Click OK twice to close the shortcut's Properties dialog box.
  7. Start FoxPro 2.0 for MS-DOS by double-clicking its shortcut.

NOTE: Unless you run a compatible MS-DOS command within the window entitled Autoexec.bat for MS-DOS mode, this session of FoxPro(X) will not have mouse capabilities. Additional query words:

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