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MSB Rainforest: Using the Toolbox to Replicate the Rainforest

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Article Last Modified on 11/8/2001


  • Scholastic's The Magic School Bus Explores the Rainforest

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This article describes how to use The Magic School Bus (MSB) Explores the Rainforest Toolbox to complete the Rainforest replication in the classroom.


The classroom for MSB Rainforest has two sides. You can move from side to side by clicking the green mechanical lizard. When you click on any of the children in the classroom, they will tell you information about the Rainforest. Most of the objects in the classroom will perform some type of trick when you click on them. From the right side of the classroom you can click on the bus to begin your adventure.

Sitting on the table next to Wanda on the right side of the classroom, you will see the Rainforest Toolbox. This toolbox will go with you to every rainforest scene throughout the program. The Toolbox is useful not only to help you learn about the Rainforest, but also to help you complete the Rainforest replication.

In the toolbox you will find:

  • A microphone to listen to specific sounds made in the Rainforest.
  • A magnifying glass to see certain things close-up.
  • A net that you can catch insects with.
  • A telescope that allows you to see a movie (.avi) about certain plants and animals.
  • A book that will pronounce the name of objects when you click on them.

NOTE: These functions will only work when your mouse cursor is linking and flashing.

When you go to a rainforest scene, for example the Understory, and you click the book in the toolbox, the book will only flash and buzz on certain plants and animals. You can only use the book to hear a pronunciation on the objects that flash and buzz. In some scenes, you may only get one or two things to click on with one tool, while you get many more things to click on with another tool.

There are four numbered buttons on the panel of the Rainforest Toolbox. Each button gives you clues to help you find the missing samples for the Rainforest replica in the classroom. Once you get the clues you must try to find the missing object.

Attached to the right side of the Rainforest Toolbox is the biocloning probe. Clicking on the Biocloner will turn your mouse cursor into a probe. Once your mouse cursor is a probe, you can move it over anything you think might be the missing object according to the Toolbox clues. When you are correct, the probe will flash and buzz. When you click on the correct object, it will be placed in the Rainforest Toolbox. Once you have discovered all four of the missing objects, return to the classroom to complete the Rainforest replication, turning both sides of the classroom into a rainforest.


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