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  • Microsoft Access 97 Standard Edition

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Moderate: Requires basic macro, coding, and interoperability skills.


When you use the "Publish to the Web" Wizard to output a report to HTML format, each page of the report is exported as a separate HTML file that may contain a long file name.


Each page that is output to HTML format will contain additional characters in the file name. These additional characters will sometimes cause the file name to exceed the standard MS-DOS limit of eight characters.


If you do not want your file names to exceed the eight-character MS-DOS limit, rename the HTML files, and then modify the HTML source for each file to reflect the new names. The following steps demonstrate how to do this.

NOTE: This section contains information about editing HTML files, and assumes that you are familiar with editing HTML files. Microsoft Access Product Support professionals do not support customization of any HTML, HTX, IDC, or ASP files.

  1. Follow steps 1 through 4 in the "Steps to Reproduce Behavior" section later in this article.
  2. In Windows Explorer, open the folder that contains the HTML files.
  3. Rename each of the HTML files so that it no longer has a long file name.
  4. View the source for the HTML file that was originally named Catalog_1.html, and scroll down to the following lines at the bottom of the source:

    <A HREF="#">First</A> <A HREF="#">Previous</A>
    <A HREF="/?scid=catalog_1page2.html"> Next</A>
    <A HREF="/?scid=catalog_1page9.html">Last</A></BODY>

  5. Modify the references in the source for Catalog_1Page2.html and Catalog_1Page9.html to reflect the new names you have given these files.
  6. Save and close the renamed Catalog_1.html file.
  7. Open each of the remaining, renamed HTML files and modify the A HREF references for First, Previous, Next, and Last to reflect the new names you have given each of the HTML files.

    You will now be able to use the standard file names on your Web browser.


This behavior is by design.


Steps to Reproduce Behavior

  1. Open the sample database Northwind.mdb.
  2. On the File menu, click Save As HTML.
  3. When the "Publish to the Web Wizard" starts, click Next on the introduction screen.
  4. Click the Reports tab, click to select the Catalog check box, and then click Finish. The wizard will output the following pages:



For more information about outputting files to HTML, search the Help Index for "HTML documents, outputting object definitions to HTML format," or ask the Microsoft Access 97 Office Assistant.

For more information about modifying file names created with the "Publish to the Web Wizard," please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

163466 ACC97: Publish to the Web Wizard Does Not Allow Custom File Name

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