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How to Easily Get to the Windows 95 Startup Menu


            NOTE: Use this information at your own risk.

   This article contains information about configuring or using
   Windows 95 in a manner that has not been tested and is not
   supported by Microsoft Technical Support.

   We suggest you back up your data before performing these steps.
   If the steps described in this article do not function properly,
   you may need to reinstall Windows 95 in order to restore your
   system to its previous state.


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows 95


This article describes an easy way to get to the Windows 95 Startup menu when the delay is not adequate to catch it by pressing the F8 key when you see the "Starting Windows 95" message.


When you boot your computer and attempt to get to the Windows 95 Startup menu, the "Starting Windows 95" message may not appear on your screen or may not appear long enough for you to press the F8 key.

To get to the Startup menu, place a non-bootable floppy disk in drive A and restart your computer. When you are prompted with the message

   Non system disk or Disk error, replace and strike any key when ready 

remove the disk and press F8 twice. The Startup menu is then displayed.

NOTE: If your computer is configured to boot from drive C before drive A, this method may not work for you unless you reconfigure the computer to boot from drive A first. For information about how to do this, refer to your computer's documentation.

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