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Contents of the FoxPro for MS-DOS LCKUPDAT.TXT File

ID: Q108326

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FoxPro Library Construction Kit for MS-DOS, versions 2.5, 2.5a, 2.5b


Below is the complete FoxPro ibrary Construction Kit for MS-DOS LCKUPDAT.TXT file found in the FOXPRO25\GOODIES\LCKUPDAT subdirectory.


This directory, FOXPRO25\GOODIES\LCKUPDAT, contains the files that are needed to update 2.0 PLBs for use with FoxPro 2.5. These files will allow you to update PLBs that you have built using the Library Construction Kit. If you obtained your PLBs from another source, e.g. a software supplier or online service, then you should contact that source for updated libraries that will work with FoxPro 2.5.

To update your FoxPro 2.0 Library Construction Kit, all you have to do is replace all the LCK library files and OBJ files with those found in this directory. Relinking to these new libraries will create PLBs that can be used with FoxPro 2.5 for MS-DOS. You may wish to copy your old libraries so that you can continue to generate 2.0 PLBs.

For example, if you installed the LCK in its default location, C:\FOXLCK, and FoxPro 2.5 in its default location, C:\FOXPRO25, then you might use the following steps to upgrade:

   mkdir c:\foxlck\20libs
   copy c:\foxlck\lib286\proapi*.lib c:\foxlck\20libs
   copy c:\foxlck\lib286\api*.obj c:\foxlck\20libs

   copy c:\foxpro25\goodies\lckupdat\*.lib c:\foxlck\lib286
   copy c:\foxpro25\goodies\lckupdat\*.obj c:\foxlck\lib286

After you've done this, you can rebuild your PLBs and use them with FoxPro 2.5. Additional reference words: FoxDos LCK 2.50 2.50a 2.50b KBCategory: kbreadme KBSubcategory:

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