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Microsoft KB Archive/108248

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Word 6.0 for Windows Converter Kit Missing WRD6CONV.DOC


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word for Windows, versions 2.0, 2.0a, 2.0a-CD, 2.0b, 2.0c, 6.0


The Word 6.0 for Windows Converter Kit cover letter references a document named WRD6CONV.DOC as containing a complete list of Word 6.0 for Windows formatting features that did not exist in Word 2.0 and will not be retained in conversion.

The cover letter indicates this document is installed with the converter. However, this document actually is not installed with the converter and is not included with the converter kit.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in the Microsoft products listed at the beginning of this article. This cover letter is included in a later version of Microsoft Word.


If you have access to Word 6.0 for Windows, to access the information meant to appear in WRD6CONV.DOC, double-click the Help button on the Standard toolbar, and then type readme. Press ENTER twice, choose File Conversion, choose Conversion Limitations, and observe the "Converting from Microsoft Word 6.0 to Microsoft Word 2.x" topic.

For users that have access only to Word 2.x for Windows, this information has been reproduced in the MORE INFORMATION section below:


Word 6.0 reads all previous formats of Word for Windows directly. This section discusses problems or limitations that may arise when converting Word 6.0 documents into Word 2.0 format, either by saving as Word for Windows 2.0 format or by reading the Word for Windows 6.0 document into Word 2.0.

                           Word 6.0
Feature                    Word 2.0      Comments
-------                    --------      --------

Character Formatting:

  Superscript/Subscript    N/S           This property is emulated with

  Expand/Condense          Yes           Word 6.0 supports finer control
                                         over this. The value is rounded to
                                         the closest value Word 2.0

  Underline                Yes           Dotted-underline formatting is not
                                         supported in Word 2.0

  Kerning                  N/S           Not a feature of Word 2.0

Paragraph Formatting:

  Borders, shading         See comment   Word 6.0 has more borders and
                                         shading options than Word 2.0.
                                         Word 6.0 borders are mapped to the
                                         closest approximation in Word 2.0.

Other Features:

  Cell borders, shading    See comment   Word 6.0 has more borders and
                                         shading options than Word 2.0.
                                         Word 6.0 borders are mapped to the
                                         closest approximation in Word 2.0.

  Fields                   See comment   Word 6.0 has additional fields and
                                         field switches. These are
                                         preserved in conversion along with
                                         the current results. If these
                                         fields are updated, the results
                                         may be lost. Reopening the file in
                                         Word 6.0 and updating the fields
                                         will restore the result.

  Drawing Layer            No            All drawn objects are lost.

  Form Fields              See comment   Results of text fields are
                                         displayed. Other form fields and
                                         bar code fields have no result to

  Styles                   See comment   Word 2.0 allows only 223 user-
                                         defined styles. Style numbers
                                         greater than that and style
                                         references to them are not
                                         retained, although the formatting

  Endnotes                 Yes           All footnotes and endnotes are
                                         retained, but they are merged into
                                         one continuous stream.

  Bullets/Numbering        Yes           Automatic bullets and numbers are
                                         converted to plain text.

  Character Styles         No            Style definitions are lost,
                                         although formatting is retained.

  Bar Tabs                 No

  Mail Merge               See comment   When opening Word 6.0 documents in
                                         Word 2.0, mail merge documents
                                         (main documents, header sources,
                                         and data sources) lose their
                                         association with each other. This
                                         association can be restored by
                                         running Print Merge again.

  Master Documents         No            Master documents lose the contents
                                         and association with the
                                         subdocuments. Subdocuments are
                                         automatically converted into
                                         separate files if you save as Word
                                         2.0. Reading in Word 6.0 files
                                         will only convert the master

  Revision marks           See comment   Multiple author/color revision
                                         marks convert to single color.

  Variable-width Columns   N/S           Variable-width columns are mapped
                                         to equal-width columns.

  Bookmarks & References   See comment   Word 6.0 allows greater
                                         flexibility in naming bookmarks.
                                         These are converted as closely as
                                         possible along with the
                                         corresponding references.

  Page Numbering           See comment   Word 6.0 has more page numbering
                                         options than Word 2.0. These are
                                         mapped to the closest alternative
                                         in Word 2.0 

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Last Reviewed: November 4, 2000
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