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Microsoft KB Archive/108186

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Article List for Windows Kernel Programming Issues

ID: Q108186

The information in this article applies to:

  • FastTips for the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) version 3.1


Microsoft FastTips is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from a touch- tone telephone. To order items from this catalog, first select the items you want to receive, noting the five- to six-digit number of the Item ID shown below for each item, and then:

- Dial the toll-free FastTips number (800) 936-4300. - When prompted, select the Windows Software Development Kit. - Press one (1) on your phone keypad to select Express Order Service. - When prompted, select the delivery method, fax. - When prompted, enter your three-digit area code and seven-digit fax

  number on your phone keypad.

- When prompted, enter the number of the Item ID and press #, for up

  to five items.

When finished, simply hang up. If you have problems receiving a fax, please call (425) 635-3199.


ITEM ID  ARTICLE TITLE                                               PAGES
Q 10220  Locking Discardable Objects                                     1
Q 10641  Heap and Stack Usage Within Windows                             1
Q 11248  Windows: Nonpreemptive vs. Preemptive Scheduling                1
Q 11467  Reference Counts for Windows Dynamic Libraries                  1
Q 11509  Definition of Different Types of Libraries in Windows           1

Q 11591  The Purpose of WINSTUB in Windows SDK                           1
Q 11623  How to Transparently Intercept Procedure Calls in Windows       2
Q 11941  How to Get a Pointer to the Stack                               1
Q 11979  How Windows Resolves Far Calls When Movable Flag Is Used        1
Q 11988  Windows File I/O vs. C Run-time File I/O                        2

Q 12244  Fatal Error Messages 0x0140 and 0x0240                          1
Q 21581  Shrinking Heap Space                                            1
Q 22374  How a DLL Can Display a Message Using MessageBox()              1
Q 22384  Windows Does Not Implement INT 15H to Handle Multitasking       1
Q 22523  Windows Does Not Support Real-Time Programming                  1

Q 30296  When Can a Call to GlobalLock() Fail?                           1
Q 32680  ValidateFreeSpaces(), GlobalCompact(), and Wild Pointers        2
Q 41451  PRB: Windows FatalExit 0x0280 Error Caused by FAR WinMain       1
Q 43041  Calculating Memory Requirements for MS-DOS-Based Apps           2
Q 43276  Applications and the Math Coprocessor Under Windows             1

Q 43397  Using OpenFile() with Sharing and Inheritance Bits              1
Q 45704  Using GlobalFlags() to Test for GMEM_DISCARDABLE                1
Q 45877  How Windows Updates the LRU (Least Recently Used) List          1
Q 46524  PRB: File Handles Cannot Be Shared Between Programs or DLLs     1
Q 47125  Demand Paging MS-DOS-Based Applications                         2

Q 49838  PRB: GlobalUnlock() Can Cause Fatal Exit 0x02F0                 1
Q 50741  Failure to Load Resources When All File Handles Are Used        1
Q 51503  Requested Contents for Windows Problem Reports                  2
Q 57954  EMS Support in Windows Versions 3.0 and 3.1                     3
Q 58412  Do Not Use the MS-DOS APPEND Utility in Windows                 1

Q 61285  Global Lock Count Changes in Windows 3.x                        2
Q 61777  Why GlobalAlloc() Returns a Handle to a 0-Byte Segment          1
Q 62065  DPMI Specification Available from Intel                         1
Q 64126  Overview of How to Share Memory Between Applications            2
Q 65128  Windows Int 21h and NetBIOS Support for DPMI                    4

Q 66462  C Run-time Functions Can Use Far Pointers in Medium Model       2
Q 66945  PRB: Fatal Exit Code 0x0019 Definition and Causes               1
Q 67673  How to Determine When Another Application Has Finished          3
Q 67675  Access to the Windows Clipboard by MS-DOS-Based App             3
Q 67725  File Manager's Mechanism for Sensing File System Changes        1

Q 68081  Creating a Single Import Library for Multiple DLLs              2
Q 68552  PRB: Cannot Exit Windows with DLL-Instanced Windows Open        1
Q 68565  Creating Dynamic-Linked Libraries Without Data Segments         2
Q 68624  Profiling Time Between OutputDebugString and FatalExit          2
Q 68827  Updating Cached Private Profiles (.INI Files)                   2

Q 69027  Handling Critical Errors in Windows-Based Application           1
Q 69756  Avoid Low-Level Operations in Windows Programs: Use DLLs        1

Q 69895 PRB: Activating Full-Screen DOS App from Icon in Enhanced Mode 1

Q 69897  Using Variable Argument Lists in DLL Functions                  2
Q 71148  PRB: GetModuleHandle() and Long Path Causes UAE                 1

Q 71760  Drive and Directory Manipulation in Windows                     1
Q 72236  Maximizing the Use of Available Memory in Windows               2
Q 72385  Retrieving the Filename of an Application or DLL                1
Q 72459  Shorthand Notation for Memory Allocation Flags                  1
Q 72744  Determining That SHARE Is Loaded Under Microsoft Windows        1

Q 73666  WINMEM32 Not Version Dependent                                  1
Q 73668  MS-DOS-Based Application Characteristics Under Windows          1
Q 73677  Allocation Limit on WINMEM32 Global32Alloc() Function           1
Q 73679  Appropriate Uses of WINMEM32                                    1
Q 74040  Ownership of Global Memory Allocated by a DLL                   1

Q 74197  Minimizing Lock and Unlock Calls in Protected Mode              1
Q 74288  Some Windows Functions Cannot Be Called from LibMain            1
Q 74360  Three Methods to Import Functions from a DLL                    1
Q 74363  PRB: Fatal Exit 0x00FF or 0xD000: MakeProcInstance Fails        1
Q 74412  Steady Timer Messages in a Dynamic-Link Library (DLL)           2

Q 74445  Opening Files, Compatibility Mode and Windows                   1
Q 74696  Using Memory Below 1 Megabyte                                   2
Q 74809  Using a TSR to Share XMS Memory Between Virtual Machines        1
Q 74887  How to Start a Windows-Based App Directly from MS-DOS           1
Q 74890  Sharing Windows-Based Applications Across Networks              1

Q 74940  Keeping MS-DOS-Based App Active Under Windows 3.1               2
Q 74941  Determining Free Memory in Windows Enhanced Mode                2
Q 75257  Passing File Handles from TSR to Windows-Based App              2
Q 75338  Determining Windows Version, Mode from MS-DOS App               2
Q 75359  PRB: One Cause of Fatal Exit 0x0140 "Local Heap Is Busy"        1

Q 75682  Techniques to Find Extended Memory in a Windows DLL             2
Q 75737  PRB: One Cause of Fatal Exit 0x001A                             1
Q 76247  Using TOOLHELP to Determine Free System Resources               1
Q 76280  Determining Which COM Ports Are Present in Enhanced Mode        2

Q 76390  Full-Screen MS-DOS Apps Slow Timer Msgs in Enhanced Mode        2
Q 76452  PRB: Global TSR Pop-ups Incompatible with Windows               1
Q 76476  General Information Regarding Dynamic-Link Libraries            3
Q 76581  PRB: LoadLibrary() Returns Error 6                              1
Q 76582  PRB: Reset A20 Bit Set During DPMI Simulate Interrupt Crash     1

Q 76676  Differences Between Task Handles and Instance Handles           1
Q 76682  Properly Using Dynamic-Link Libraries                           1
Q 77226  Memory Access Methods for Protected Mode Applications           2
Q 77365  Considerations for Programming DATA NONE DLLs                   2
Q 77473  Rules for Using Far Pointers to Memory Objects                  2

Q 77986  Using _export Keyword or DEF File EXPORTS Statement             2
Q 78326  Real Mode Not Supported by Windows 3.1                          2
Q 78542  Retrieving MS-DOS Environment Vars from a Windows DLL           2
Q 79194  Using Huge Pointers with Blocks of Memory Larger Than 64K       1
Q 80124  Retrieving the Names of Simultaneous Tasks Under Windows        2

Q 80783  Determining the Version of MS-DOS from a Windows App            3
Q 81496  Modules, Instances, and Tasks                                   5
Q 81546  PRB: Segment Was Discardable Under 3.0 Notification             1
Q 81577  Limits on the Number of Open Files                              1
Q 81813  Hooking Interrupt 21h Before Windows                            1

Q 82298  Windows 3.1 Standard Mode and the VCPI                          2
Q 83008  XMS Calls Under Windows 3.1                                     1
Q 83301  Retrieving Application Exit Code in MS-DOS Window               1
Q 83455  PRB: XMS Version Information in MS-DOS Window Incorrect         1
Q 84778  Memory Use Limitations in Microsoft Windows                     2

Q 86081  PRB: DLL Function Returns Float or Double Value Incorrectly     2
Q 86230  PRB: Avoiding "Insufficient Memory to Run" Errors               2
Q 86263  Redirecting Debugging Information Under Windows 3.0, 3.1        3
Q 86648  No MS-DOS Extended Error Info for Windows File Functions        1

Q 86723 PRB: Creating File with Exclusive Access Allows Concurrent Use 1

Q 88278  Creating Import Libraries with the __export Modifier            2
Q 89331  Stack Traces Under Windows 3.1 SDK Debugging Kernel             3
Q 89560  Creating Dynamic Code Segments Using PrestoChangoSelector       2
Q 89568  Additional Documentation for GetDOSEnvironment()                1
Q 90294  Using Large Memory Model, Microsoft C/C++, & Windows 3.1        2

Q 90562  Using OpenDriver() to Communicate Data to Installable Drv       1
Q 92528  Terminating Windows-Based Application from Another App          3
Q 92942  GlobalReAlloc() and GMEM_ZEROINIT Clarified                     2
Q 93343  Calling Int86?, Intdos?, and DOS3Call() from Windows            2
Q 93470  Virtual DMA Services (VDS) Application Note Available           1

Q 95545  Using GlobalDosAlloc() and GlobalDosFree()                      3
Q 96422  Detecting Idle Time in Windows                                  1
Q 97758  Registering a Class in a DLL                                    2
Q 99335  PRB: Error in the THSAMPLE Sample Application                   1
Q 99671  Chaining NotifyRegister Callbacks Issuing Notifications         2

Q 99861  PRB: Using SetCommState() to Toggle DTR/RTS for Flow Control    1
Q 101417 Accessing the Modem Status Register (MSR) in Windows            2
Q 101419 The DCB Structure in Windows 3.1                                5
Q 101421 Sharing Files with Windows for Workgroups Clients               2
Q 102640 The "Segment Load Failure" Error Message                        1

Q 102644 WEP and Link Error L2023 Export Imported                        1
Q 102871 Callback Functions in Multiple Instance Applications            1
Q 102958 PRB: Passing Modified Environments to Child Processes           2
Q 103637 Use EV_RINGTE for Modem Ring Detection                          1
Q 103950 SetSelectorLimit() Crossing 1 Megabyte Boundary                 2

Q 104498 How OF_SHARE Modes Affect Opening Files                         1
Q 104790 Using Int 21h Get/Set Media ID in the Windows Environment       3
Q 105137 Explanation of Exporting Functions in Windows                   2
Q 105207 PRB: KRNL386: Unable to Enter Protected Mode                    1
Q 105274 Solving the "Insufficient Memory to Run" Situation              1

Q 105922 How to Determine Drive Types in Windows                         4
Q 107172 Determining the Stack Size of an Application                    2
Q 107174 PRB: Not Enough Space for Environment                           2
Q 107691 Using DebugOutput to Debug a Windows-Based Application          2
Q 107692 "Backward Compatibility Hack Enabled" Warning                   1

Q 107694 PRB: Share Buffer Exceeded                                      1
Q 108314 Using More Than Four Communications Ports in Windows            2
Q 108928 Setting Baud Rates in Windows 3.1                               2
Q 111610 Suppressing "Cannot Find MYDLL.DLL" Error Box                   2
Q 112388 GETBASEIRQ EscapeCommFunction()                                 1

Q 112638 WEPs, Windows, and Microsoft Visual C/C++ Compilers             4
Q 114473 Intel Privileged and Sensitive Instructions                     2
Q 117743 How to Move Data Between Large Overlapping Buffers              2
Q 119206 Using WM_COMMNOTIFY in an MFC Application                       1
Q 119506 Transmitting a BREAK Signal                                     2

Q 119853 PC Hangs While Running a Communications Application             2
Q 131371 Determining System Version from a Windows-Based Application     2
Q 131426 How to Access Physical Memory in 16-bit Windows-Based Apps      6

End of listing.

Keywords          : kbprg kb16bitonly KrMisc
Version           : 3.10
Platform          : WINDOWS
Issue type        : kbinfo

Last Reviewed: October 23, 1997