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  • Microsoft Word 6.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Word 6.0a
  • Microsoft Word 6.0c
  • Microsoft Word 6.0 for Macintosh
  • Microsoft Word 6.01 for Macintosh
  • Microsoft Word 6.01 for Macintosh
  • Microsoft Word 95 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Word 95a

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Multilevel numbers do not increment based on the level of the Heading style that is applied to a paragraph.


Multilevel numbering is designed to increment based on the left indent applied to a paragraph. It is not designed to number paragraphs formatted with Heading styles. In fact, the Multilevel tab is not available in the Bullets And Numbering dialog box when the first paragraph in the selection is a heading paragraph. To number paragraphs formatted with heading style, click Heading Numbering on the Format menu.

The Multilevel tab is available when the first paragraph in the selection is not formatted with a heading style, even though the selection may contain some heading paragraphs. When Multilevel numbering is applied to a selection that contains some paragraphs formatted with heading styles, the heading paragraphs are numbered based on their indents rather than their heading style level.


This behavior is by design in the versions of Microsoft Word listed at the beginning of this article. The Heading Numbering command (on the Format menu) should be used to number paragraphs formatted with heading styles.

This design was changed in Microsoft Word 97 for Windows and Word 98 Macintosh Edition.


The following example demonstrates how the first choice in the Multilevel Numbering Style Gallery would be applied to a mixture of paragraphs formatted with Normal style and Heading styles.

1. Normal Style
2. Heading 1 Style
   a) Normal Style
      i) Heading 2 Style

When multilevel numbering is reapplied to a heading paragraph that is indented after multilevel numbering is first applied, the indent is removed and the paragraph reverts to the indentation defined by the heading style.

If Heading Numbering had previously been applied to the heading paragraphs, it would not be disturbed by the application of Multilevel numbering to the Normal style paragraphs in the selection. For example, when using the first Gallery style from both Heading Numbering and Multilevel numbering, the result is as follows:

1. Normal Style
I. Heading 1 Style
   a) Normal Style
   A. Heading 2 Style


"Microsoft Word User's Guide," version 6.0, Chapter 8, "Formatting and Sorting Lists," "Creating a Multilevel List" and "Numbering Headings" sections

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