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Incorrect Version of WORDWIN1.CNV Supplied with Office 4.0


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word for Windows, version 6.0
  • Microsoft Office for Windows, version 4.0


Microsoft Office version 4.0 includes an earlier version of the Word for Windows 1.x converter than supplied with the Word for Windows 6.0 Supplemental File Conversions Disk. Although it is an earlier version, the converter supplied with Office should function correctly with Word 6.0.

Note: This converter is necessary only for saving documents from Word 6.0 into Word 1.x format.


To obtain the latest version of the Word for Windows 1.x converter, WORDWIN1.CNV, for use with Word 6.0 (whether Word has been purchased as part of Microsoft Office or separately) you can order or download the Word for Windows 6.0 Supplemental File Conversions Disk. For information on how to access this disk, query on the following words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

textconv and 6.0 and supplemental and conversions and disk


Problems addressed in the latest revision of the Word 1.x converter that you may experience when saving from Word 6.0 to Word 1.x format with the version of the converter supplied with Office 4.0 include:

  • Loss of embedded graphics not linked to file
  • Vertical pipe characters preceding empty FILLIN fields
  • Loss of superscript and subscript formats
  • Incorrect character color format conversion
  • Conversion of footnote numbers set to restart at section to continuous numbering
  • Conversion of footnotes positioned at end-of-section or end-of- document to bottom of page
  • Conversion of footnote starting numbers greater than 1 to a starting number of 1
  • Conversion of strikethrough character format to revisions marked for deletion
  • Conversion of custom footnote separator, continuation separator, and continuation notice to default separator values
  • Inclusion of underscores in multi-level paragraph numbering, resulting, for example, in 1.1.1 appearing as 1._1._1.

Additional query words: textconv conversion converted converts transfer transfers translation translate perfect formats formatting officeinterop

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