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WFWG: Adapter Media Type Information Is Incorrect

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Article Last Modified on 11/4/1999


  • Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11

This article was previously published under Q107575


On page 146 of the Microsoft Workgroup Add-On for Windows "User's Guide," the "Computers or NetWare servers are not listed" section incorrectly states that an improper Adapter Media Type setting may cause NetWare servers to be missing from the Connect dialog box.


This information is true only if you are using MSIPX.COM.

The correct frame type is required in order to connect to NetWare servers or other Windows for Workgroups machines that are running the IPX/SPX compatible protocol. The frame type should be set to the same type as your NetWare servers. You must configure both your real-mode protocol (IPXODI) and, if it is installed, the protected-mode IPX/SPX Compatible protocol.

For example, if your NetWare servers are set up for the ETHERNET_802.2 frame type, you must configure the IPX/SPX Compatible protocol on all Windows for Workgroups machines for ETHERNET_802.2. You also must configure your real-mode protocol used to connect to the file server for the ETHERNET_802.2 frame type. To do this, either place the "Frame Type ETHERNET_802.2" line first in the Link Driver section of the NET.CFG file, or specify it on the Protocol line in the Link Driver section.

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