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  • Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1

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You may receive the following error message when you try to connect to a postoffice in Microsoft Mail for Windows for Workgroups or Windows NT from a Windows NT workstation:

Mail could not connect to your mail server

This article is not applicable to Windows NT 4.x


If Mail for Windows for Workgroups is unable to find the MASTER.GLB file in the GLB subdirectory of the Mail postoffice directory structure, the error above is displayed. Mail is unable to find MASTER.GLB under the following conditions:

  • The Workgroup postoffice computer is unavailable.
  • The postoffice directory is not shared.
  • You are using the wrong workgroup postoffice name.
  • The workgroup postoffice name is invalid.
  • Serverpath= line in your Microsoft Mail registry key is incorrect.


The following information describes these conditions in detail.

Workgroup Postoffice Computer Unavailable

To use Microsoft Mail for Windows for Workgroups, one workgroup computer must be set up as the postoffice. This computer handles user accounts and mail messages for the workgroup. To provide these services, the postoffice computer must contain the workgroup postoffice directory structure and it must be running in 386 enhanced mode

NOTE: There can be only one postoffice per workgroup.

The Postoffice Directory is Not Shared

If the postoffice computer is not sharing the postoffice directory structure, no one will be able to access the postoffice. Windows for Workgroups users will be able to work offline, but they will not be able to receive or send messages. Use File Manager to make sure the postoffice directory structure is being shared on the postoffice computer.

Using Wrong Workgroup Postoffice Name

By default, the workgroup postoffice is named WGPO. However, in your workgroup, the name may be different. Make sure the name you are using for the postoffice is correct. (It should be the same as the share name on the workgroup postoffice computer.)

Workgroup Postoffice Name is Invalid

By default, the workgroup postoffice is name WGPO. You can use another name provided that it doesn't exceed 8 characters and doesn't contain any spaces.

For example, changing the share name from "WGPO" to "Post Ofc" (without the quotation marks) would cause unsuccessful connections. Make sure that the name each user is trying to connect to matches the name that was used as the share name on the postoffice computer.

ServerPath= Line in Microsoft Mail Registry Key is Incorrect

When you log on, Mail for Windows for Workgroups checks the ServerPath= line your Microsoft Mail registry key to locate the postoffice computer and directory structure.

If you are using universal naming convention (UNC) style path to refer to the postoffice computer, make sure the computer name and share name are correct. If you are not sure of the names, you can use File Manager to connect to the postoffice computer and verify the computer and share names.

Another resolution may be to use a redirected driver letter (M for example) for your postoffice. You can do this by doing the following:

  1. From File Manager, connect to the Workgroups Postoffice share. (Make sure that the Reconnect At Logon box is selected.)
  2. Open the Registry Editor (REGEDT32.EXE) and go to the following Registry Key:

          HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Mail\Microsoft Mail

    WARNING: Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious, system- wide problems that may require you to reinstall Windows NT to correct them. Microsoft cannot guarantee that any problems resulting from the use of Registry Editor can be solved. Use this tool at your own risk.

  3. Highlight the ServerPath value and choose String from the Edit menu.
  4. In the String filed, place the drive letter for the connection to the Workgroups Postoffice. For example, if you selected M for the drive letter of this connection, enter M:\ in the String field.
  5. Quit Registry Editor.

Server Name is Invalid

When you use Windows NT Mail, if you try to join an existing Postoffice and you specify a server name that has a space in it, the following error message appears:

Mail could not connect to your mail server.

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