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  • Microsoft MS-DOS 6.2 Standard Edition

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Section 4 of the Conversion Disk for Users of Stacker CONVERT.TXT file covers the following scenario:

DoubleSpace Could Not Convert a Stacker Drive Because There Was Not Enough Free Space

Although the CONVERT.TXT file recommends removing unnecessary files to create more free space, you may be able to work around this situation by using SDEFRAG to defragment the Stacker-compressed drive.


To defragment the Stacker-compressed drive, type SDEFRAG at the MS-DOS command prompt and then press ENTER. If you are still unable to covert the Stacker-compressed drive to a DoubleSpace-compressed drive because of a lack of free space, after you defragment the Stacker-compressed drive, follow the procedure in section 4 of the CONVERT.TXT file.

Section 4 of the CONVERT.TXT file

DoubleSpace Could Not Convert a Stacker Drive Because There Was Not Enough Free Space

DoubleSpace indicates how much free space needs to be free on your startup or uncompressed drive. Make a note of this amount. Then carry out the following procedure:

  1. Type the following at the command prompt:

    chkdsk drive:

    For the drive: parameter, type the drive letter of your uncompressed drive followed by a colon (:). A line similar to the following should appear on your screen:

    20386 bytes available on disk

  2. Delete unnecessary files or move files to another drive until you have enough free disk space. You might want to back up the files before you delete them.

    IMPORTANT: Do not delete your COMMAND.COM, AUTOEXEC.BAT, or CONFIG.SYS files, your hidden Stacker or system files, or the STACKER.COM and SSWAP.COM files in your Stacker directory. If you cannot delete enough unnecessary files, use the SDEFRAG /G command to make more uncompressed space available, or contact your disk-compression software vendor.
  3. Run DoubleSpace again.

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