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Microsoft KB Archive/107191

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Capacity Limits for SNA Server for Windows NT

PSS ID Number: Q107191 Article last modified on 11-01-1995



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft SNA Server for Windows NT, version 2.0


This article lists SNA Server capacity limits related to the number of concurrent users, logical units (LUs), and connections (PUs).


A single SNA Server supports up to:

  • 250 concurrent LAN-based users

    There are three versions of SNA Server available: 10-user, 64-user, and 250-user. These versions are licensed according to concurrent LAN-based client usage, which include any combination of named pipe clients (for LAN Manager-based workstations) or IPX clients (for NetWare-based workstations) connecting to SNA Server. Regardless of the version being used, these clients can use any combination of LU sessions and over any connection, up to the capacity limits that follow.

  • 500 concurrent dependent Logical Unit (LU) sessions

    This includes concurrent 3270 (LU1, LU2, LU3), LUA (LU0-3), and dependent APPC LU6.2 sessions (that is, those that use a non-zero local address in the Local APPC LU configuration).


  • 500 concurrent independent LU6.2 sessions (that is, those that use parallel sessions, or any Local APPC LU that includes an LU number of 0).

    This includes concurrent 5250 sessions as well as any other APPC and CPIC applications which use independent APPC LU6.2 sessions.

  • 250 SNA connections

    A connection is defined to be a Physical Unit (PU). SNA Server supports three types of connections:

    • Connections to host systems (such as IBM ES/9000 and S/370 class machines).

    • Connections to peer-to-peer devices (such as AS/400s).

    • Connections to downstream PUs to SNA Server. In this case, SNA Server maps upstream LUs to a downstream SNA connection (PU/LUs) used by an SNA product emulating a PU 2.0 device.

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