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BUG: GPF on Expanding Adjustable Size Array After Execution

Article ID: 106641

Article Last Modified on 10/2/2003


  • Microsoft FORTRAN PowerStation 1.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Fortran PowerStation 1.0a for MS-DOS

This article was previously published under Q106641


After the program finishes execution under the debugger, expanding an adjustable size array in the Watch window may cause a general protection (GP) fault.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in FORTRAN PowerStation version 1.0 for MS-DOS.

This is not a problem in FORTRAN PowerStation 32.


To duplicate the problem:

  1. Build the following sample code in debug mode from the Visual Workbench:

          real*4 arr(20)
          arr = 7.
          Call Sub (arr, 20)
          Subroutine Sub (arr,n)
          real*4      arr(n)
          arr(1) = n+1.2
          print*, arr(1)
  2. Set a breakpoint at:

          print*, arr(1)
  3. "Go" (press F5).
  4. Type ARR in the Watch window, and expand it.
  5. Shrink it back to +ARR = {...} and press F5 again.
  6. After the program finishes execution, again expanding the variable ARR may cause a GP fault.

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