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PowerPoint: GP Fault When Printing Time-Stamped Slides PSS ID Number: Q106506 Article last modified on 09-15-1994 PSS database name: POWERPT


The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows, version 3.0


PowerPoint for Windows allows you to put time stamps on your slides by placing the characters “::” (without the quotation marks) on the Slide Master. You may experience general protection (GP) faults when printing slides that are time stamped if the S1159= and/or S2359= lines in the [intl] section of your WIN.INI file are invalid. These lines control the description that appears after the time (the default values are AM and PM.) NOTE: If only one of these lines is invalid, the slide may print correctly in the morning or afternoon only.


To correct this problem: 1. Run Program Manager. From the File menu, choose Run. 2. In the command line box, type “sysedit” (without the quotation marks). This will start the System Configuration Editor. 3. Choose the WIN.INI file. Go to the [intl] section. 4. Look for the two lines: S1159= and S2359=. Their default values should be: S1159=AM and S2359=PM. If the settings are different than these, change them so that they correspond to this setting. 5. Save the changes to your WIN.INI file and restart Windows.

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