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Microsoft KB Archive/106467

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Macros and Switches Not Defined in Visual C++ 32-bit Edition

Article ID: 106467

Article Last Modified on 7/5/2005


  • Microsoft Visual C++ 1.0 Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2.0 Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q106467


In the past, _MSDOS was defined by Microsoft C and C++ compilers. However, Visual C++, 32-bit Edition, does not target 16-bit MS-DOS or 16-bit Windows executables, and therefore some macros are no longer defined. Also, some compiler switches such as /G0 and /Gc are not used with Visual C++, 32-bit Edition.


Macros not defined by Visual C++, 32-bit Edition are:

   M_I86, _M_I86
   M_I8086, _M_I8086
   M_I286, _M_I286
   M_I86xM, _M_I86xM

Compiler switches not recognized by Visual C++, 32-bit Edition are:

   Switch               Description

   /A                   Memory models
   /batch               Compile in batch mode
   /Bm                  Increase compiler capacity
   /Fs                  Create source file listing
   /Fc                  Create combined source, assembly, machine code
   /f                   Fast compile
   /FPi                 Use floating-point emulation
   /FPa                 Use alternate math
   /FPc87               Use 80x87 calls
   /FPc                 Use coprocessor calls
   /FPi87               Use inline 80x87 instructions
   /G0 /G1 /G2          Processor-specific code
   /GA /GD              Prologue/epilogue code for protected mode Windows
   /GE                  Customize Windows entry/exit code
   /Gc                  Pascal/FORTRAN calling convention
   /Gn                  Remove p-code native entry points
   /Gp                  Specify entry tables
   /Gq                  Simplified real mode Windows prologue/epilog code
   /Gt                  Set data threshold
   /GW /Gw              Generate real mode Windows prologue/epilogue code
   /Gx /Gx-             Specify that data is far or near
   /Ld /Lw              Control library selection
   /Ln                  Link without C run-time startup code
   /MA                  Specify Macro Assembler options
   /Mq                  Compile for QuickWin support
   /ND /NM /NQ /NT /NV  Name the data and code segments
   /Oc /Oe /Of /Ol /On  Optimizations
   /Oo /Oo- /Oq /Or
   /OVn /Ov /Ov- /Oz
   /Sl /Sp /Ss /St      Source-listing format options
   /Ta                  Specify assembly source file
   /Zr                  Check pointers

For more information concerning which macros are predefined or about command-line options used by the compiler, select the Help menu option in the Visual Workbench and search on "Macros", or choose Build Tools from the Help menu. This information is also available in Chapter 2 of the "Build Tools User's Guide" and Chapter 1 of the "Preprocessor Reference."

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