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Shared Components Incorrectly Installed Locally

PSS ID Number: Q106061 Article last modified on 09-14-1995



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Word for Windows, version 6.0


In Word 6.0 for Windows, the shared components may be incorrectly installed locally on a workstation even though the administrator chose Server or User’s Choice as the location for shared components during the administrative install (“setup /a”).


If you run Setup from the server itself, the Setup program displays a message indicating that it could not detect a network server and path for the Word program directory. If you continue setting up, all workstations set up from that network server will get local copies of shared components.


To install Word on a server, run the Setup program from a workstation connected to the server. You should not run a server installation of Word from the server itself unless you intend to install the shared components locally on each workstation.

For more information and specific instructions on installing Word to a network server, choose “Search for Help on” from the Help menu, type “readme” (without the quotation marks), then choose the “Custom and Network Installations” topic in the Word Readme Help Contents window.

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