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FIX: Inconsistent Behavior During Arithmetic Overflow

PSS ID Number: Q105856 Article last modified on 12-02-1994



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft SQL Server version 4.2

BUG# NT: 527 (4.2)


Inconsistent behavior is observed when an arithmetic overflow occurs involving a tinyint or smallint.

If ARITHABORT is OFF, a batch of Transact-SQL commands will be terminated if an arithmetic overflow occurs in which constant or integer values are used to produce a result which overflows a smallint or tinyint target variable. If two values of the same datatype as the target variable are used to cause an arithmetic overflow, then no error will be raised and the command batch will not be terminated.

For example, if the following triggers an overflow, the current batch will be aborted if @var1 is a tinyint and @var2 and @var3 are integers; however, it will continue if @var2 and @var3 are tinyints.

@var1 = @var2 * @var3

If ARITHABORT is ON, the command batch will not be terminated.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft SQL Server version 4.2. This problem was corrected in SQL Server version 4.21a. For more information, contact your primary support provider.

Additional reference words: 4.20 transact-sql error handling KBCategory: kbprg KBSubcategory: SSrvWinNT


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