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Microsoft KB Archive/105835

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API Functions Included in FoxPro for Macintosh

ID: Q105835

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FoxPro for Macintosh, version 2.5b

The table below lists and briefly describes the application programming interface (API) functions that are provided with Microsoft FoxPro for Macintosh. These functions are provided instead of XCMDs or XFCNs, which are used in FoxBASE+ for the Macintosh.

These functions are provided in an API library called FOXTOOLS.MLB, which is added to the System Folder:Extensions folder during the installation of FoxPro.

   API function   Description

   AddBS          Adds trailing colon to specified path
   CleanPath      Returns string passed to it
   DefaultExt     Adds extension to filename if file has none
   ForceExt       Adds/changes extension on specified filename
   ForcePath      Changes path of specified filename
   FxAlert        Displays a FoxBASE+ Alert
   FxFileType     Stores type/creator of a file to variables
   FxGDepth       Returns the number of colors available
   FxGVolume      Returns list of volume names created with SET VOLUME
   FxKeyboard     Returns type of keyboard
   FxNewFolder    Creates a new folder
   FxSetType      Sets the type/creator of a file
   FxStripLF      Removes all linefeeds from specified file
   FxSystem       Returns path of System, Extensions, or Preferences folder
   FxVolume       Returns list of mounted volume names
   JustDrive      Returns drive designation of given path:filename
   JustExt        Returns extension of given path:filename
   JustFName      Returns filename portion of given path:filename
   JustPath       Returns the path portion of given path:filename
   JustStem       Returns the stem portion of given path:filename
   NextWord       Returns the next word after specified position
   Pict2File      Creates separate image file from specified resource
   Reduce         Removes multiple white space characters and trims string
   StrFilter      Removes all characters in one string not in another
   ValidPath      Always returns .T. on Macintosh
   WordNum        Returns specified word in the string
   Words          Counts number of words in a string

NOTE: For a more complete description and the syntax for these functions, see the FoxTools Readme file in the FoxPro:Goodies:Misc folder. Additional reference words: FoxMac 2.50b KBCategory: kbref kbinterop kbprg KBSubcategory:

Last Reviewed: May 23, 1996
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