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Works 3.0 Supplemental Printer Drivers Available PSS ID Number: Q104742 Article last modified on 10-12-1993 PSS database name: D_WorKs



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Works for MS-DOS, version 3.0


The following list contains the Works 3.0 supplemental printer drivers available on the Microsoft Download Service (MSDL) and Microsoft Software/Data Library. These drivers are organized by MSDL and Software/Data Library filenames (for example, DK30xx.EXE), and are listed alphabetically by printer model. The files have been updated as of 10/93 to allow easier installation.


To install one of these printer drivers, do the following:

  1. Locate the your printer model and/or options from the list below and note the filename.

  2. Download the file to a blank, formatted floppy disk.

  3. From the MS-DOS command prompt, change to the drive containing that disk, and type the name of the file you downloaded, for example, DK3001.

    At this point, the printer driver can be installed from within the Works program just like the drivers shipped with Works:

  4. Start Works 3.0 and create or open a file.

  5. From the Print menu, choose Printer Setup. Select Change Printer & Option, and then choose Install New.

  6. Type the letter of the drive in which the disk is located and press ENTER.

  7. Select your printer and model, and choose Install. The new printer driver is now installed. You can choose Done and OK to close the Printer Setup dialog box. If you have questions about the printer driver or the setup procedure, please call Microsoft Product Support Services at (206) 635-7150.



The MSDL files are available for downloading through the Microsoft Download Service (MSDL). The number for the MSDL is (206) 936-6735. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The highest download speed available is 14,400 bits per second (bps). These files are compressed, self-extracting files. After you download one these files, run it to extract the file it contains.

Software/Data Library

The Software/Data Library files can be found in the Microsoft Software Library on GEnie, CompuServe, and Microsoft OnLine by searching on the filename, the Q number of this article, or the file’s S number. These files are compressed, self-extracting files. After you download one these files, run it to extract the file it contains.


                                                  OPTIONS &


    • MSDL: DK3001.EXE Software/Data Library: S14309 ******************************************************************

Acer LP-76 ACERLP1 Cart. A B C D E G H J L M N Q W X ACERLP2 Cart. K P R U

ACERLP3 Cart. J, R and Z ACERLPT Cart. T ACERLPL Landscape AEG Olympia ESW 2500i AEG2500I AEG Olympia Laserstar 6 AEGLS6 AEG Olympia NP 136SE AEG136SE AEG Olympia NP 30/60 AEGNP30 AEG Olympia NPC 136-24/NPC 80-24 AEGNP ALPS ALQ 200/300, 200/300 Color ALQ20018 18-pin ALQ20024 24-pin ALPS LPX600 ALPSLPX ALPS P2000 ALPS2000 Anadex DP-6500 ANDX6500 Anadex DP-9625 ANDX9625 Anadex DP-9725 ANDX9725 Anadex WP-6000 ANDX60CS Corresp.qual. ANDX60DP letter qual. ANDX60LT draft qual. AST TurboLaser ASTTURBO Portrait ASTTURBOL Landscape

    • MSDL: DK3002.EXE Software/Data Library: S14310 ******************************************************************

Brother BPI-5420AI BPI5420 Brother HL-4 BROHL4 Internal fonts BROHL4_1 Cart. C-411 BROHL4_2 Cart. C-412 BROHL4_3 Cart. C-413 BROHL4_4 Cart. C-401 Brother HL-4V or HL-8V BROHLV Brother HL-8 or HL-8e BROHL8AM Int. fonts, cart A M BROHL8FU Cart. F & U BROHL8Z Cartridge Z Brother HR-15, HR-20, HR-25, HR-35, HR-40 BROTHER Brother M-1509, M-1709 BROM1509 Brother M-1724L BROM1724 Brother M-1809/1909, M-1809/1909 Color BROM1X09 Sheetfeed opt. Brother M-1824L/1924L, M-1824L/1924L Color BROM1X24 Brother SP-1000 SP1000 Brother Twinriter 5 BROTWIN5 Daisywheel Head TWIN5DM Dot-matrix head Businessland 45LQ BL45LQ

    • MSDL: DK3003.EXE Software/Data Library: S14312 ******************************************************************

C.Itoh C-310/C-315 XP, C-310/C-315 XP Color CITOH310 C.Itoh C-715A Reliant, C-715A Reliant Color CITOH715 C.Itoh C-815 Supra CITOH815 C.Itoh CIE LIPS 10 Plus LIPS10-1 Cart. B D E G H J LIPS10-2 Cart. 6-F or 11-K LIPS10-3 Cart. T LIPS10-L Landscape C.Itoh 10-40 or 10-55 CITOHF10 C.Itoh Jet-Setter CITOHJS1 Cart. B C D H J K L CITOHJS2 Cart. F or K CITOHJS3 Cart. T CITOHJSL Landscape C.Itoh Prowriter Junior CITOHPJR C.Itoh Starwriter P-1500-45P CITOHSTR Canon BJ-130 Bubble Jet CANONBJ Canon LBP-4, LBP 8III CANONLBP Canon LBP-8A1 or LBP-8A2 CANON Portrait CANON-L Landscape Canon LBP-8II, LBP-8IIR CANON8II Portrait CANON8-L Landscape

    • MSDL: DK3004.EXE Software/Data Library: S14313 ******************************************************************

Citizen MSP-10 / MSP-15 CITMSP10 Citizen MSP-50/55, MSP-50/55 Color CITMSP50 Cordata/Corona LP 300 CORDATA DEC LN03 Laser printer DECLN03 Portrait DECLN03L Landscape Diablo 620 D620 Diablo 630 D630 Diablo 630 API D630A Diablo 630 ECS D630ECS Diablo P32 DP32

    • MSDL: DK3005.EXE Software/Data Library: S14314 ******************************************************************

Epson DFX-5000 EPSONDFX Epson EPI-4000 EPI4000 Epson EX-800/1000, EX-800/1000 Color EPSONEX Epson X-80/80+/85/86e/100/100+/185/ EPSONFXQ Draft Only 286/286e/850/1050 Epson GQ-3500 GQ3500P Portrait GQ3500L Landscape Epson JX-80, JX-80 Color EPSONJX Epson LQ-800/1000 EPSONLQ1 Sheetfeed opt. Epson LQ-1500 EPSONLQ Epson LX-80/86 EPSONLX Epson MX-80/100 EPSONMX Standard GRAFTRAX with Graftrax EPSONMXG with Graftrax Plus Epson RX-80, RX-100 EPSONRX Epson SQ-2000 EPSONSQ

    • MSDL: DK3006.EXE Software/Data Library: S14315 ******************************************************************

Fujitsu DL-2400, DL-2400 Color FDL2400 Fujitsu DL-2600/5600, DL-2600/5600 Color FDL2600 Fujitsu DX-2300/2400, DX-2300/2400 Color FDX2000F Fujitsu RX-7100 FRX7100A Cart. 2 4 5 9 21 24 and 27 Fujitsu RX-7100 FRX7100B Cart. 9 11 18 and 25 Fujitsu RX-7100 FRX7100T Cart. 30 Fujitsu RX-7100 FRX7100L Landscape fonts

    • MSDL: DK3007.EXE Software/Data Library: S14316 ******************************************************************

HP 2934A HP2934A HP 7440A ColorPro, 7470A, 7475A, 7550A HPPLOT HP DeskJet+, DeskJet 500, DeskJet 550C HPDJ3ASC 8C 8D download ASCII HP LaserJet, Plus, 500+, Series II HPLASMSL MS Z/Z1A, landscape HP LaserJet, Plus, 500+, Series II, 2000, HPLASER3 Cart. J R or Z IIP, IID, III, IIID, IIIP, IIISi HP LaserJet, Plus, 500+, Series II, 2000, HPLASPS Cart. B, ASCII IIP, IID, III, IIID, IIIP, IIISi HP LaserJet, Plus, 500+, Series II, 2000, HPLASRMN Cart. F, IIP, IID, III, IIID, IIIP, IIISi Roman 8 HP LaserJet, Plus, 500+, Series II, 2000, HPLASTAX Cart. T IIP, IID, III, IIID, IIIP, IIISi HP LaserJet, Plus, 500+, Series II, 2000, HPPCCOUR Cart. Y IIP, IID, III, IIID, IIIP, IIISi HP LaserJet, Plus, 500+, Series II, 2000, HPLASMSA MS Z/Z1A, IIP, IID, III, IIID, IIIP, IIISi ASCII HP LaserJet, Plus, 500+, Series II, 2000, HPLASMS2 MS Z/Z1A, IIP, IID, III, IIID, IIIP, IIISi Roman 8

    • MSDL: DK3008.EXE Software/Data Library: S14317 ******************************************************************

HP LaserJet+, 500+, Series II HPDWNACL AC Font Set, landscape " HPDWNADL AD Font Set, landscape " HPDWNSFL AC & AE Set, landscape " HPDWNR8L AD & AF Set, landscape HP LaserJet+, 500+, Series II, 2000, HPDWNACP AC Font Set IIP, IID, III, IIID, IIIP, IIISi portrait " HPDWNADP AD Font Set, portrait " HPDWNSFP AC & AE Set,
portrait " HPDWNR8P AD & AF Set, portrait

    • MSDL: DK3009.EXE Software/Data Library: S14318 ******************************************************************

HP LaserJet+, 500+, Series II HPDWNDCL DC Font Set, landscape HP LaserJet+, 500+, Series II, 2000, HPDWNDCP DC Font Set IIP, IID, III, IIID, IIIP, IIISi portrait " HPDWNGAP RA Set, ASCII " HPDWNGA8 RB Set, Roman8 " HPDWNHLP UA Set, ASCII " HPDWNHL8 UB Set, Roman8 " HPDWNHHP AG Set, Roman8 " HPDWNZH8 TB Set, Roman8

    • MSDL: DK3010.EXE Software/Data Library: S14319 ******************************************************************

HP LaserJet+, 500+, Series II HPDWNLGL DA Font Set, landscape " HPDWNPRL EA Font Set, landscape HP LaserJet+, 500+, Series II, 2000, HPDWNZHP TA Set, ASCII IIP, IID, III, IIID, IIIP, IIISi HPDWNPRP EA Font Set portrait " HPDWNLGP DA Font Set, port. " HPDWNCNP SA Set, ASCII " HPDWNCN8 SB Set, Roman8

    • MSDL: DK3011.EXE Software/Data Library: S14330 ******************************************************************

HP LaserJet Series II, 2000, IIP, IID, HPBAR Bar Codes & More III, IIIP, IIID, IIISi " HPFORMS Forms, Etc. " HPGLOBAL Global Text " HPEQUATE Text Equations HP LaserJet III, IIID, IIIP, IIISi HP3FNTI1 PC-850 " Dist. Doc. I " Compel. Pub. I " HP3FNTI2 PC-850 Bril. " Pre. I " Compel. Pub. II " Dec. Words I HP LaserJet 4 HP4

    • MSDL: DK3012.EXE Software/Data Library: S14331 ******************************************************************

HP LaserJet Series II, 2000, IIP, IID, HPLAS2S1 Courier III, IIIP, IIID, IIISi Document S1 " HPWP WordPerfect " HPGSTART Great Start " HPRESENT Persuasive Presentations " HPWSHEET Polished Worksheets HP LaserJet IIP, IID, III, IIIP, IIID, IIISi

HPPRETTY Pretty Faces HP QuietJet, QuietJet Plus HPQUIET HP ThinkJet HPTHINK

    • MSDL: DK3013.EXE Software/Data Library: S14332 ******************************************************************

IBM Color Inkjet IBMCLRLQ Letter quality IBMCOLOR Draft quality IBM Laserprinter 4019 IBM4019A Download set A IBM4019B Download set B IBM4019C Download set C IBM Pageprinter 3812 IBM3812 IBM Pageprinter 4216 IBM4216 IBM Wheel Printer IBMWHEEL

    • MSDL: DK3014.EXE Software/Data Library: S14333 ******************************************************************

Kodak Diconix 150 DICONIXE Epson emulation DICONIXI IBM emulation Kyocera-1010-2010, download fonts KYOCERA1 Portrait, KYOCERAL Landscape Kyocera-3010 KYOCERA2 Portrait KYOCERAL Landscape Mannesmann Tally 1x MT1X Mannesmann Tally MT-80 MT80 Mannesmann Tally 330, 330 Color MT330 Mannesmann Tally 910 MT910 Int. & Cart. fonts MT910BS Business download MT910DP Data Proc. download

MT910IS Industry download MT910SF Specialty download NCR-6416 Laser Printer NCR6416

    • MSDL: DK3015.EXE Software/Data Library: S14334 ******************************************************************

NEC Colormate & other Color Postscript PSCOLOR NEC LC-860+ NEC860_1 Cart. B C D H J K L NEC860_2 Carts F or K NEC860_3 Cart. T NEC860_L Landscape NEC P2/P3 NECP2 NEC P5 XL/P6/P7/P9 XL, NEC P5 XL/P6/P7/P9 XL Color NEC P560/565, P560/565 Color NECP5 NEC Spinwriter 3550 NEC3550 NEC Spinwriter 7710 NEC7710 NEC P5200/5300, P5200/5300 Color NECP5200

    • MSDL: DK3016.EXE Software/Data Library: S14335 ******************************************************************

Okidata Laserline 6/8 OKILASER Portrait OKILSLAN Landscape Okidata 292/293, 292/293 Color OKI292 Okidata OkiLaser 820 OKI820 Okidata Pacemark 2410 OKI2410 Olivetti DM309 OLIVE309 Panasonic KX-P1091i/1092i PANA1092 Panasonic KX-P1524 PANA1524 * PostScript printer, Color: PSCOLOR - download DK3015.EXE

    • MSDL: DK3017.EXE Software/Data Library: S14336 ******************************************************************

QMS Colorgrafix 100 QMSCLRGX * QMS ColorScript 100: PSCOLOR download DK3015.EXE QMS KISS, KISS Plus QMSKISS Internal fonts QMSLAN Download, landscape QMSPOR Download, portrait QMS Smartwriter QMSSMART Lasergrafix, Legal, Office1 Office2 cart. QMSLAN Download, landscape QMSPOR Download, portrait Quadram Quadlaser QUADLASR Qume CrystalPrint Super Series II QUMESUP2 Int. fonts & cart. C D H and M QUMESS2T Tax cart. QUMESS2Z Microsoft cart. QUMESS2L Landscape Qume Sprint 11 QUME11

    • MSDL: DK3018.EXE Software/Data Library: S14337 ******************************************************************

Ricoh LP 4080R RICOHLP Portrait RICOHLPL Landscape Ricoh PC 6000 RICOHPC Portrait RICOHPCL Landscape Seikosha BPI-5420AI, BPI-5460 BPI5420 Seikosha SL-90 SEISL90 Font module opt. Seikosha SL-3000AI SEIAI Seikosha SP-1000 SP1000 Seikosha SP-1600AI SEIAI Standard SEI1600 IBM emulation Seikosha SP-2000 SEISP2 Silver Reed EXP 400 SREXP

    • MSDL: DK3019.EXE Software/Data Library: S14338 ******************************************************************

Standard daisywheel printer TTYWHEEL Standard printer with backspaces TTYBS Star Micronics Delta DELTA Star Micronics LaserPrinter 8II, 8IIDX STAR8II1 Cart C1 C5 C6 C7 STAR8II2 Cart C2 C4 STAR8II3 Cart C3 Star Micronics NB24-15 STARNB24 Star Micronics XB-2410/15 Multifont STAR2410 Star Micronics Radix RADIX

    • MSDL: DK3020.EXE Software/Data Library: S14339 ******************************************************************

Tandy DMP 106 DMP106 Tandy DMP 130 DMP130 Tandy DMP 200 DMP200 Tandy DMP 400 DMP400 Tandy DMP 430 DMP430 Tandy DMP 2100 DMP2100 Standard print CMP2100 Condensed print Tandy DMP 2100P DMP2100P Tandy DMP 2110 DMP2110 Tandy DMP 2120 DMP2120 Tandy DMP 2200 DMP2200 Tandy DWP 220 DWP220 Tandy DWP 230 DWP230 Tandy DWP 510 DWP510 Tandy DWP 520 DWP520 Tandy DWII DWII Tandy DWIIB DWIIB Tandy LP 1000 LP1000

    • MSDL: DK3021.EXE Software/Data Library: S14340 ******************************************************************

Texas Instruments 850 TI850 Texas Instruments 855, 857 Color TI855 Texas Instruments TI-875, 877 TI875 Texas Instruments TI-885 TI885 Toshiba ExpressWriter 301 TOSH301 Toshiba P321, P321SL/341SL, P321SL/341SL Color TOSHP321 Toshiba P1340 TOSH1340 Toshiba P1350/1351 TOSH1351 sheetfeed opt. Toshiba PageLaser TOSHLAS1 Roman 8 symbols TOSHLAS2 ASCII symbols ******************************************************************** ** MSDL: DK3022.EXE Software/Data Library: S14341 ******************************************************************

Xerox 2700/3700P X2700 Xerox 4020 X4020 Xerox 4045 X4045 Cart. X4045PSL Int., landscape X4045PSP Int., portrait

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