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Microsoft KB Archive/104600

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INF: RPCs from NT SQL Server to Sybase UNIX SQL Server


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft SQL Server version 4.2x


Microsoft SQL Server version 4.2 for Windows NT can be configured to send RPC requests to a remote Sybase UNIX SQL Server. SQL Server for Windows NT uses DB-Library to communicate with remote servers, thus, you can configure remote server connections to use alternate network libraries and connection strings by using the SQL Client Configuration Utility.

To setup a connection to a Sybase Server running under UNIX, you would add an Advanced entry such as:

Server: SybaseServer

DLL Name: dbmssocn

Connection String:,3180


It is advisable to attempt to connect to the remote server using an ad- hoc query tool such as ISQL after adding the Advanced entry using the SQL Client Configuration Utility. After confirming that the configuration is correct, you can add the remote server named SybaseServer via the sp_addserver stored procedure. When a remote stored procedure is executed on the Sybase Server, the configuration information in the Advanced entry will be used in order to establish a connection.

NOTE: The DBMSSOCN.DLL should be used ONLY to allow SQL Server to connect to a remote Sybase Server. This file cannot be distributed to other NT client workstations.

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Last Reviewed: March 18, 1999
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