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RPLLINK.EXE Allows Dynamic Loading and Unloading of Protocols

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Article Last Modified on 10/31/2006

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RPLLINK.EXE, which is run by default after the NET START RDR on an RPL workstation, enables the post-boot use of Demand Protocol Architecture (DPA) to load and unload protocols dynamically. DPA loading and unloading requires that network device drivers be available in the MS-DOS device driver chain, and RPLLINK.EXE links device driver chains together so that they are available by name to drivers and programs.

You need RPLLINK.EXE only if you are dynamically loading and unloading protocols such as TCP/IP, XNS, DLC, or IPX. If you are not, you do not need RPLLINK.EXE, in which case you can remove it. Then NetBEUI is loaded statically, as it is anyway under RPL, but other protocols are not available for demand loading or unloading by means of DPA. If you remove RPLLINK.EXE, you do not need to modify CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT, PROTOCOL.INI, or LANMAN.INI; NetBEUI will be available by default. NETBIND.EXE is not the proper binding program to run on an RPL client; binding is taken care of in DOSBB.CNF, which you should not modify.

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