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  • Microsoft Mail Gateway for IBM PROFS and OfficeVision 3.0
  • Microsoft Mail Gateway for IBM PROFS and OfficeVision 3.2

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Version 3.0 and 3.2 of Microsoft Mail for PC Networks support customized addressing templates for these gateway types:

  • Microsoft Mail Gateway to IBM PROFS and OfficeVision
  • Microsoft Mail Message Service for IBM SNADS
  • Microsoft Mail File Format API for Gateways

Mail administrators use these templates to add information to the address lists for these external addresses.

NOTE: The PROFS, SNADS, and FFAPI templates are all created with the Import utility (IMPORT.EXE). All the examples below use PROFS as an example, but you can substitute FFAPI for PROFS.

Defining a Template

The text file that defines the template begins with information such as:

T PROFS: Gatewayname/Nodeid

Full Name:~10~25~A~John Doe~

The first line designates the type of address template you are creating; the "T" designates the file as a template definition. The second line gives the type of address information, and the third gives the associated gateway and host IDs.

NOTE: Use Gateway/DGN for SNADS; Network/Postoffice for FFAPI.

Each succeeding line defines a template field. The fields all start in column 2 with the field data starting position, field length, and then a default value for the field. For more detailed information about these fields, see the Microsoft Mail for PC Networks "Administrator's Guide."

Use the IMPORT.EXE program to import the template file into the postoffice. For example

import admin -ppassword -ftmplt.txt -t

where TMPLT.TXT is the text file containing the template definition and -t specifies that the import support template information.

Adding Names with Template Information

After the template has been created in the postoffice, PROFS addresses can be imported into the postoffice along with additional information for the template fields. The import file for the addresses should follow this example:

   A Mike Sterns                     PROFS:PSSGATE/MSVM6/MSTERNS
   - Full Name:/Mike A. Sterns
   - Location:/New York, NY
   A John Foe                        PROFS:PSSGATE/MSVM6/JFOE
   - Full Name:/John G. Foe
   - Location:/LOS Angeles, CA

The "A" designates that this address is to be added to the postoffice, along with the template information. Each following line of template information must start with a dash (-) followed by a space. The order of the prompts in the information should match the order of the prompts in the template definition.

Use the IMPORT.EXE utility to import these addresses into the post office. For example

import admin -ppassword -fnames.txt -t

where NAMES.TXT is the text file containing the gateway names with template information and -t specifies that the import should support template information.

NOTE: You can combine a template's definition and address into one file and import it into the mail database in one step.


Microsoft Mail "Administrator's Guide," pages 143-160, 318-330.

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