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Microsoft KB Archive/102928

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Menu Differences b/w Windows & MS-DOS Versions of FoxPro

ID: Q102928

2.50 WINDOWS kbprg

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FoxPro for Windows, version 2.5

The following menu commands (options) on the System menu in FoxPro for MS-DOS are located on the Help menu in FoxPro for Windows: About FoxPro, Help, Filer, Calculator, Calendar/Diary, and Puzzle.

NOTE: Although the menu pad's prompt is "Help" in FoxPro for Windows, the pad name remains _msm_systm. This allows code to be portable and not platform specific.

The Macros command on the FoxPro for MS-DOS System menu and the Debug and Trace commands on the FoxPro for MS-DOS Window menu are on the Program menu in FoxPro for Windows.

The Move, Size, Zoom, and Cycle commands in FoxPro for MS-DOS are on the FoxPro for Windows Control menu, in compliance with the Windows interface.

The Special Characters, ASCII Chart, and Color commands don't exist in FoxPro for Windows. Instead, use of the Windows equivalent is encouraged (for example, the Color icon in the Windows Control Panel). These commands are disabled when an MS-DOS-based .MPR file is run in FoxPro for Windows.

The Text menu, which is a new feature in FoxPro for Windows, appears whenever an edit window is the topmost window.

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Version           : 2.50
Platform          : WINDOWS

Last Reviewed: April 30, 1996
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