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Cannot Print to Bin 2 on the Canon BJ-300 or BJ-330 Printer

PSS ID Number: Q102656 Article last modified on 11-03-1994

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- Microsoft Word for MS-DOS, version 6.0

You cannot print to Bin 2 on the Canon BJ-330 (Sheetfeeder) or BJ-300 (Sheetfeeder) printers by selecting Bin 2 from the Paper Feed list in the Printer Setup dialog box in Word for MS-DOS. This setting has no effect on bin selection for either printer. You must select the bin using the printer control panel.

The default bin selection on the Canon BJ-330/300 printers is Bin 1. To select Bin 2 as the paper feed source, press the Paper button on the printer control panel.

There is no escape sequence to control bin selection on the Canon BJ-300 or BJ-330 printers, so you cannot select Bin 2 by embedding a printer escape code in your Word document.

The products included here are manufactured by Canon, a vendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding these products’ performance or reliability.


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“Canon BJ-300/330 Programmer’s Manual”

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