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The following computers, video displays, printers, pointing devices, keyboards, storage devices and disk adapters have been tested by Microsoft or the manufacturer and have no known incompatibilities with Microsoft OS/2 version 1.3.

Since this list was published, other systems may have been tested and other device drivers may now be available. To obtain more information please refer to the README.TXT file in the \OS2\SUPPORT directory. The most recent version of this list, or a test report on any certified hardware, is available through the Microsoft Download Service at (425) 936-6735.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) have passed additional Microsoft Compatibility Labs certification testing and have full test reports available through the Microsoft Download Service.


Any computer 100% compatible with those listed below. (Other computers may be compatible, but aren't listed because they have not yet been tested.)

ACER 1100/33
ACER 1120sx
ACER 1120sx
ACER 1125E
ACER 1170
ACER Power 486sx
ACER Power 500 486sx/20
Adler Royal P35
Adler Royal P45
ALR BusinessStation 386/33
ALR BusinessStation 486/25
ALR BusinessStation 486/33
ALR BusinessVEISA 386/33
ALR BusinessVEISA 486/33
ALR BusinessVEISA 486ASX
ALR MPS 386/33
ALR MPS 486/33
ALR PowerCache 4 25
ALR PowerCache 4 33
ALR PowerCache 4e
ALR PowerFlex 20 CSX
ALR PowerPro 128/150 SMP Series
ALR PowerPro DMP (256150)
ALR PowerPro VM/64
ALR PowerVEISA 386/33
ALR PowerVEISA 486/33
ALR SX PowerFlex
Apricot FTe 486-33 *
Apricot LS 386SX-20 *
Apricot XEN-LS 486SX-20 *
AST Premium 386/25
AST Premium 386/33TE
AST Premium 486/33E
AST Premium 486/33TE
AST Premium II 486/33
AT&T 6386/25 WGS
AT&T 6386E WGS
AT&T 6386E/33 model S WGS
AT&T 6386E/33 WGS
AT&T 6386SX/EL
AT&T 6386SX/EL 20
AT&T StarServer E
AT&T StarServer S
AT&T StarStation
Bull Micral 200
Bull Micral 400
Bull Micral 45
Bull Micral 500
Bull Micral 600
Bull Micral 75
Cemtech CEMServer 1 CEM-486(33)IS *
Compaq Deskpro 286n
Compaq Deskpro 386/16
Compaq Deskpro 386/20
Compaq Deskpro 386/20e *
Compaq Deskpro 386/25
Compaq Deskpro 386/25e *
Compaq Deskpro 386/25M
Compaq Deskpro 386/33
Compaq Deskpro 386/33L *
Compaq Deskpro 386n *
Compaq Deskpro 386s/20
Compaq Deskpro 486/33L *
Compaq Deskpro 486/33M
Compaq Deskpro 486/50L
Compaq Deskpro 486s/16M
Compaq Deskpro 486s/25M
Compaq LTE 386s/20
Compaq ProSignia 486/33 *
Compaq ProSignia 486/66 *
Compaq SLT 386s/20
Compaq SystemPro 386/33 *
Compaq SystemPro 486/33 *
Compaq SystemPro XL 486/50 *
CompuAdd Model 320SC
CompuAdd Model 333LP
CompuAdd Model 333T
CompuAdd Model 433E *
CompuAdd Model 466E *
DECpc 320 SX Notebook
DECpc 333 Portable
DECstation 320sx
DECstation 333c
DECstation 433T
Dell Drive Array
Dell Powerline System 420DE
Dell Powerline System 420SE
Dell Powerline System 425DE
Dell Powerline System 425SE
Dell Powerline System 433DE
Dell Powerline System 433SE
Dell Powerline System 450DE
Dell Powerline System 450SE
Dell System 325P
Dell System 333P
Dell System 433P
Dell System 433TE
Dell System 486D20
Dell System 486D25
Dell System 486D33
Everex Step 386/25
Everex Step 386/33
Everex Step 386/33
Everex Step 386/33 Tower
Everex Step 486/25
Everex Step 486/33
Everex Step 486/33 12-Slot EISA
Everex Step 486/33 8-Slot EISA
Everex Step 486/33 Cube
Everex Step 486/33 Tower
Everex Step Cube 486/33e
GRiD 325sc
GRiD 386is-16
GRiD 386is-20
GRiD 386is-25
GRiD 386is-33
GRiD 386isx-20
GRiD 386mc
GRiD 386sx-MFP
GRiD 386sx-MFP20
GRiD 486ei-25/SVR
GRiD 486ei-33
GRiD APT/425se
GRiD MFP/420s
Hermes H 220
Hermes H 220 S
Hermes H 260 S
Hermes H 320
Hermes H 335
Hermes H 360
Hermes H 400
Hermes H 400 E
Hermes H 410
Hermes H WALKSTATION 386 33
HP Vectra 286/12
HP Vectra 386/16N
HP Vectra 386/20N
HP Vectra 386/25N *
HP Vectra 386/25S *
HP Vectra 486/25T
HP Vectra 486/33N *
HP Vectra 486/33T
HP Vectra 486/66N *
HP Vectra 486/66ST *
HP Vectra 486S/20
HP Vectra QS/16S
HP Vectra QS/20
HP Vectra RS/20
HP Vectra RS/25C
IBM PS/2 Model 50
IBM PS/2 Model 60
IBM PS/2 Model 70 386
IBM PS/2 Model 80 386
IBM PS/2 Model 90
IBM PS/2 Model 95 XP
IBM PS/2 Model P70
IBM PS/2 Model P75
ICL Alfaskop DS 348
ICL Alfaskop DS 458 Eisa
ICL Alfaskop DT 226
ICL Alfaskop DT 336
ICL Alfaskop DT 336sx
ICL Alfaskop DT 346
ICL Alfaskop DT 346
ICL Alfaskop DT 436sxe
Lucky-GoldStar LG 433W *
MiTAC 4080f
MiTAC 4280g
NCR 3000 Model 3304
NCR 3000 Model 3320
NCR 3000 Model 3340
NCR 3000 Model 3340
NCR 3000 Model 3341
NCR 3000 Model 3345
NCR 3000 Model 3345
NCR 3000 Model 3420
NCR 3000 Model 3445
NCR 3000 Model 3447
NEC Powermate 386/25s
NEC Powermate 486/25E
Northgate Elegance 333
Northgate Elegance 425i
Northgate Elegance 433e
Northgate SlimLine 320SX
Olivetti 1 Laptop D33
Olivetti 1 Laptop S20
Olivetti 1 Notebook A12
Olivetti 1 Notebook S20
Olivetti 1 Notebook V16
Olivetti LSX5005
Olivetti LSX5010 *
Olivetti LSX5020 *
Olivetti LSX5020 with PEM *
Olivetti M250e
Olivetti M300
Olivetti M300-01
Olivetti M300-05
Olivetti M300-10
Olivetti M300-25
Olivetti M380-40
Olivetti M380-XP4
Olivetti M380-XP7
Olivetti M380-XP9
Olivetti M400-10
Olivetti M486
Olivetti M486 ESDI
Olivetti P500
Olivetti P750
Olivetti P800
Olivetti PC PRO 290 SP
Olivetti PC PRO 33
Olivetti PC PRO 486/33
Olivetti PC PRO 486SX
Olivetti PC PRO 486SX mt
Olivetti PC PRO SX 16
Olivetti PC PRO SX 20
Olivetti PCS 286
Olivetti PCS 286 S
Olivetti PCS 386 SX
Packard-Bell Model Force 486
Packard-Bell Model PB 300
Packard-Bell Model PB 486-25
Packard-Bell Model PB 486/33
RDI 386/33C
Siemens-Nixdorf PWS M
Tandy 2500SX
Tandy 2500SX/20
Tandy 4016DX
Tandy 4016SX
Tandy 4020LX
Tandy 4020SX
Tandy 4025LX
Tandy 4033LX
Tandy 4820SX/T
Tandy 4833LX/T
Tandy 5000MC
Tatung TCS8900S
Triumph-Adler P35
Triumph-Adler P35 S
Triumph-Adler P45
Triumph-Adler TA DARIO 286
Triumph-Adler TA DARIO 286 S
Triumph-Adler TA DARIO 386 SX
Triumph-Adler TA DARIO 486
Triumph-Adler TA DARIO 486 SX
Triumph-Adler TA DARIO 486 SXE
Triumph-Adler TA DARIO DX/33
Triumph-Adler TA DARIO S/20
Triumph-Adler TA DARIO SX/20
Triumph-Adler TA WALKSTATION 286 V
Triumph-Adler TA WALKSTATION 386 33
Triumph-Adler TA WALKSTATION 386 SX
Triumph-Adler TA WALKSTATION SX 20
Unisys PW2 - 800 386/20
Unisys PW2 - 800 386/25
Unisys PW2 - 800 386/33
Unisys PW2 - 800 486/25
Unisys PW2 Advantage 3163 * [Supported only with the Adaptec AHA1542b.]
Unisys PW2 Advantage 3206
Unisys PW2 Advantage 3256
Unisys PW2 Advantage 3336
Zenith MastersPort 386SL
Zenith MastersPort 386SX
Zenith SupersPort 486DX
Zenith SupersPort 486SX
Zenith Z-248/12
Zenith Z-286 LP plus
Zenith Z-386/16
Zenith Z-386/20
Zenith Z-386/25
Zenith Z-386/25M
Zenith Z-386/SX
Zenith Z-386SX/20
Zenith Z-386/33
Zenith Z-486/25e
Zenith Z-486/25E
Zenith Z-486/33E
Zenith Z-486/33ET *
Zenith Z-486/33ET (European)
Zenith Z-486/ET
Zenith Z-486/SX 20
Zenith Z-LP plus
Zenith Z-LS model 40
Zenith Z.Note 325L Notebook PC *
Zenith Z-SERVER 425SE *
Zenith Z-SERVER 433DE *
Zenith Z-SERVER 450DE *


Any display 100% compatible with those listed below.

CGA (color graphics adapter)
EGA (enhanced graphics adapter)
EGA (enhanced graphics adapter) with high-resolution monochrome display
VGA (video graphics array), color and monochrome
IBM 8514/a high-resolution display
IBM MCGA (multicolor graphics array)

Printers and Plotters

Any printer 100% compatible with those listed below.

9400PS: Agfa-Compugraphic 9400PS v49_3
Dataproducts LZR 1260: Dataproducts LZR 1260 v47_0
Dataproducts LZR 2665: Dataproducts LZR-2665
Epson 24 pins - 136 columns printer: 24-pin 136 Col
Epson 24 pins - 136 columns printer: LQ-1050
Epson 24 pins - 80 columns printer: 24-pin 80 Col
Epson 24 pins - 80 columns printer: LQ-850
Epson 9 pins - 136 columns printer: 9-pin 136 Col
Epson 9 pins - 80 columns printer: 9-pin 80 Col
Epson color 24 pins - 136 columns printer: LQ-2500
Epson Economy 24 pins - 80 columns printer: LQ-500
Epson Economy 24 pins - 80 columns printer: LQ-510
Epson FX Series 9 pins - 136 columns printer: FX-1050
Epson FX Series 9 pins - 136 columns printer: FX-286e
Epson FX Series 9 pins - 80 columns printer: FX-850
Epson LX Series 9 pins - 80 columns printer: LX-800
Epson LX Series 9 pins - 80 columns printer: LX-810
First Epson 9 pins - 80 columns color printer: JX-80
Generic: Generic PostScript Printer
High Performance Epson 9 pins - 136 columns printer: DFX-5000
High Performance Epson color 9 pins - 136 columns printer: EX-1000
High Performance Epson color 9 pins - 80 columns printer: EX-800
High Resolution Epson 24 pins - 110 columns printer: LQ-950 (N9)
High Resolution Epson 24 pins - 136 columns printer: LQ-1050 (N9)
High Resolution Epson 24 pins - 80 columns printer LQ-850 (N9)
High Resolution Epson color 24 pins - 136 columns printer: LQ-2550
HP 7470A Plotter: HP7470A
HP 7475A Plotter: HP7475A
HP 7550A Plotter: HP7550A
HP 7580A Plotter: HP7580A
HP 7580B Plotter: HP7580B
HP 7585A Plotter: HP7585A
HP 7585B Plotter: HP7585B
HP 7586B Plotter: HP7586B
HP ColorPro: HP7440A
HP DraftMaster I: HP7595A
HP DraftMaster II: HP7596A
HP DraftPro: HP7570A
HP LaserJet 2000: HP LaserJet 2000
HP LaserJet 500 Plus: HP LaserJet 500 Plus
HP LaserJet Classic: HP LaserJet Classic
HP LaserJet IID: HP LaserJet IID
HP LaserJet IIP: HP LaserJet IIP
HP LaserJet Plus: HP LaserJet Plus
HP LaserJet Series II: HP LaserJet Series II
IBM 3816 - 01D
IBM 3816 - 01S
IBM 3852 Jetprinter 2
IBM 4019 LaserPrinter
IBM 4201 Proprinter
IBM 4201 Proprinter II
IBM 4201 Proprinter III
IBM 4202 Proprinter II XL
IBM 4202 Proprinter III XL
IBM 4202 Proprinter XL
IBM 4207 Proprinter X24
IBM 4207 Proprinter X24E
IBM 4208 Proprinter XL24
IBM 4208 Proprinter XL24E
IBM 4224 - 01, 02, E3
IBM 4224 - C2
IBM 5152 Graphics Printer
IBM 5182 Color Printer
IBM 5201 QuietWriter I
IBM 5201 QuietWriter II
IBM 5202 QuietWriter III
IBM 5204 QuickWriter
IBM 5216 Wheelprinter
IBM 6180 Plotter: IBM6180
IBM 6182 Plotter: IBM6182

IBM 6184 Plotter: IBM6184
IBM 6186-1 Plotter: IBM6186-1
IBM 6186-2 Plotter: IBM6186-2
IBM 7371 Plotter: IBM7371
IBM 7372 Plotter: IBM7372
IBM 7374 Plotter: IBM7374
IBM 7375-1 Plotter: IBM7375-1
IBM 7375-2 Plotter: IBM7375-2
IBM LaserPrinter: IBM 4019 v52_1 (17 Fonts)
IBM LaserPrinter: IBM 4019 v52_1 (39 Fonts)
IBM NULL Printer Driver
IBM Personal Page Printer II: IBM 4216-031 v51_4 SheetFeed
IBM Personal Page Printer II: IBM Personal Page Printer II-30
IBM Personal Page Printer II: IBM Personal Page Printer II-31
IBM Personal Pageprinter: IBM Personal Pageprinter
LaserWriter II NT: Apple LaserWriter II NT
LaserWriter II NTX: Apple LaserWriter II NTX
LaserWriter Plus: Apple LaserWriter Plus
LaserWriter Plus: Apple LaserWriter Plus v42_2
LaserWriter: Apple LaserWriter
LCS15: Wang LCS15
LCS15: Wang LCS15 FontPlus
Linotype: Linotronic 100 v38_0
Linotype: Linotronic 100 v42_5
Linotype: Linotronic 200 v47_1
Linotype: Linotronic 200 v49_3
Linotype: Linotronic 300 v47_0
Linotype: Linotronic 300 v47_1
Linotype: Linotronic 300 v49_3
Linotype: Linotronic 500 v49_3
Olivetti LP 5000: Olivetti LP 5000
OmniLaser: TI OmniLaser 2108
OmniLaser: TI Omnilaser 2115
P400PS: Agfa/Compugraphic 400PS
Phaser Card: Phaser Card v1_1
PrintServer 40: Digital LPS PrintServer 40
PS-R4081: AST TurboLaser
QMS ColorScript 100: QMS ColorScript 100
QMS-PS 800+: QMS-PS 800 Plus
QMS-PS 800: QMS-PS 800
QMS-PS 810 : QMS-PS 810
Qume ScripTEN: Qume ScripTEN
ScriptPrinter: Digital LN03R ScriptPrinter
SilentWriter: NEC LC-890
Varityper VT-600: Varityper VT-600

Pointing Devices

Any mouse 100% compatible with those listed below.

Hewlett-Packard mouse
IBM PS/2 mouse
Logitech mouse
Microsoft Mouse
Mouse systems mouse on Com 1
Mouse systems mouse on Com 2
Olivetti mouse
Ollivetti/AT&T keyboard mouse


Any keyboard 100% compatible with those listed below.

Standard keyboards
Hewlett-Packard keyboards
Olivetti keyboards

Disk Adapters

The following SCSI disk adapters have been tested.

Adaptec AHA 1515
Adaptec AHA 1520/1522
Adaptec AHA 1640
Adaptec AHA 1740/1744
Adaptec AHA1540/1542
Adaptec AIC-6260
ADIC MCA-1 (Microchannel)
DPT PM2001/90 & 95
DPT PM2011/9095
DPT PM2011B/90
DPT PM2012A/90 & 95
Future Domain TMC-1660/1680
Future Domain TMC-1680
Future Domain TMC-845/850/860/885
Storage Dimensions SDC-1611,1611B * [The Storage Dimensions driver currently supports only SCSI disks. Please contact Storage Dimensions for updates that enable tape and CD-ROM operation.] Storage Dimensions SDC-3211B
Storage Dimensions SDC-1602, 1602B
Storage Dimensions SDC-3222B
Western Digital WD 7000AX
Western Digital WD7000 Fasst2
Western Digital WD7000EX110/210

Network Adapters

The following network adapters have been tested.

3Com Corporation EtherLink (3C501) *
3Com Corporation EtherLink 16 (3C507) *
3Com Corporation EtherLink II (3C503) *
3Com Corporation EtherLink MC (3C523) *
3Com Corporation EtherLink Plus (3C505-B) *
3Com Corporation EtherLink/MC32 (3C527) *
3Com Corporation TokenLink (3C603) *
Accton Technology EtherCoax - 16N *
AMD AM2100 *
Amplus Informatica S. A. Amplicard AC 210/AT *
Amplus Informatica S. A. Amplicard AC 210/XT *
Cabletron E2010-X *
Cabletron E2112 *
Cabletron E3010-X *
Cabletron E3112-X *
Cabletron T2015 *
Cabletron T3015 *
Compaq 32-bit DualSpeed Token Ring *
Compex ENET16/U *
Concord Communications 1215 *
Concord Communications 1410 *
DCA DCA 10 megabit 16 bit ISA card *
DCA DCA 10 megabit fiber optic card *
DCA DCA 10 Megabit twisted pair *
DCA IRMATrac Token-Ring/Convertible 16/4 *
DEC DEC EtherWORKS Turbo *
Dowty PC0114 *
Dowty PS0114 *
Eden Sistemas ED586/32 *
Everex SpeedLink /PC16 (EV2027) *
Hewlett-Packard Ethertwist EISA LAN Adapter/32 (HP27248) *
Hewlett-Packard HP Ethertwist 16 TP (HP27247) *
Hewlett-Packard HP Ethertwist 8 TL (PC27250A) *
Hewlett-Packard HP Ethertwist 8 TP (HP27245) *
Hewlett-Packard MC LAN Adapter/16 TP (HP27246) *
Hewlett-Packard PC LAN Adapter/16+ TL (HP27252A) *
Hewlett-Packard PC LAN Adapter/16+ TP (HP27247B) *
Hughes LAN Systems HLS-6130 *
IBM PC Network Adapter *
IBM PC Network Adapter II *
IBM PC Network Adapter II/A *
IBM PC Network Adapter/A *
IBM Token Ring *
IBM Token Ring /A *
IBM Token Ring II *
IBM Token Ring 4/16 *
IBM Token Ring 4/16 A *
Intel Corp. EtherExpress 16 *
Intel Corp. EtherExpress 16TP *
Intel Corp. EtherExpress 32 *
Intel Corp. Motherboard Lan Module *
Intel Corp. Token Express MCA 16/4 *
Intel Corp. TokenExpress EISA 16/4 *
Intel Corp. TokenExpress ISA 16/4 *
Madge Networks Smart 16/4 AT RingNode *
Madge Networks Smart 16/4 EISA RingNode *
Madge Networks Smart 16/4 MC RingNode *
Madge Networks Smart 16/4 XT RingNode *
National Semiconductor Ethernode *16AT *
National Semiconductor Sonic EISA (DP83932EB) *
NCR NCR StarCard (8 bit) *
NCR NCR Token Ring Adapter *
NCR Systems BV WaveLAN/AT *
NCR Systems BV WaveLAN/MC *
Network Peripherals NP-EISA *
Network Peripherals NPI-ISA/p *
Network Peripherals NPI-ISA/S *
Networth, Inc. EtherneXt 16-bit UTP card *
Nokia Data Ethernet IIe *
Novell NE1000 *
Novell NE2000 *
Novell NE3200 *
Olicom Olicom 16 bit ISA *
Proteon P1340 *
Proteon P1342 *
Proteon P1346 *
Proteon P1347 *
Proteon P1390 *
Proteon P1392 *
Proteon P1840 *
Proteon P1990 *
PureData PDE9025-32 *
PureData PDI508+ *
PureData PDI516+ *
PureData PDI8023-16 *
PureData PDI8023-8 *
PureData PDI90211 *
PureData PDI9025-16 *
PureData PDuC8023 *
PureData PDuC90211 *
PureData PDuC9025 *
Racal Interlan NI 5210 *
Racal Interlan NI 6510 *
Racal Interlan NI 9210 *
Racal-Datacom ES3210 *
Racore Computer Products M8113 *
Racore Computer Products M8114 *
Racore Computer Products M8115 *
RCE France MM031 *
RCE France MM036 *
Research Machines, Ltd. Research Machines Ethernet AT-2 *
Research Machines, Ltd. Research Machines MCA Ethernet *
Spider Communications SC-100E *
Standard Microsystems Ethernet 3016 Series *
Standard Microsystems SMC 8003EP *
Standard Microsystems SMC 8003EPC *
Standard Microsystems SMC 8013EPC *
Standard Microsystems SMC 8013EWC *
Standard Microsystems SMC 8013WC *
Standard Microsystems SMC Arcnet 600W *
Standard Microsystems SMC ARCNET PC130E (8 bit) *
Standard Microsystems SMC Arcnet PC550W (16 bit) *
Thomas Conrad TC4045 *
Thomas Conrad TC6145 (16 bit ISA) *
Toshiba ToshibaLAN *
TRW PC2001 *
Tulip Computers TNCC-16 CAT *
Ungermann-Bass Access/MC *
Ungermann-Bass Access/PC-16 *
Ungermann-Bass Access/PC-8 *
Ungermann-Bass NICps/2 *
Ungermann-Bass NIUpc (PC2030) *
Ungermann-Bass NIUpc/EOTP (PC4035) *
Ungermann-Bass NIUps (PC3030) *
Ungermann-Bass NIUps/EOTP (PC3035) *
Western Digital 16-bit Token Ring (WD 8015TR) *
Western Digital 8-bit Token Ring (WD 8005TR) *
Western Digital EtherCard+ WD8003E *
Western Digital EtherCard+/A *

SCSI Disk Drives

The following SCSI disks have been tested.

Fujitsu M2611SA
Maxtor 7040SR
Micropolis Microdisk 340
Micropolis Microdisk 670
Micropolis Microdisk 1340
Quantum Prodrive 40S
Seagate ST1201N
Seagate ST1239A
Seagate ST1239N
Seagate ST4766N
Seagate ST1480N
Storage Dimensions SpeedStor/2 series
Storage Dimensions SpeedStor/2 Erasable Optical

CD-ROM Drives

The following CD-ROM drives have been tested. * [Not all adapter/CD-ROM combinations are compatible due to restrictions in firmware. Please verify compatibility with your reseller prior to purchase.]

Denon Drd-253
Hitachi CDR-1750s
LMSI cm 214
Sony cdu-541
Toshiba TXM-3301a1
Toshiba TXM-3201a1

Multi-Channel Communications Boards

The following Communication Boards have been tested.

DigiBoard DigiCHANNEL PC /4e *
DigiBoard DigiCHANNEL PC/8e *
DigiBoard DigiCHANNEL PC/16e *
DigiBoard DigiCHANNEL MC/8i *
DigiBoard DigiCHANNEL MC/16i *
DigiBoard DigiCHANNEL ISA C/16 *
DigiBoard DigiCHANNEL MC C/16 *
DigiBoard DigiCHANNEL EISA C/16 *

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

The following UPS devices have been tested.

American Power Conversion Back-UPS 400 *
American Power Conversion Back-UPS 450 *
American Power Conversion Back-UPS 600 *
American Power Conversion Back-UPS 900 *
American Power Conversion Back-UPS 1250 *
American Power Conversion Smart-UPS 400 *
American Power Conversion Smart-UPS 600 *
American Power Conversion Smart-UPS 900 *
American Power Conversion Smart-UPS 1250 *
American Power Conversion Smart-UPS 2000 *
Network Security Systems IPSA/A.I. 800 *
Para Systems Inc PM600 *
Superior Electric UPSY61008 *
Superior Electric UPSY61008R *
Tripp Lite BC800LAN *


While we have endeavored to supply as complete and accurate a list as possible, MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE COMPLETENESS AND ACCURACY OF THIS LIST.

Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. OS/2 is a registered trademark licensed to Microsoft Corporation.

Other product names and trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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