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Microsoft KB Archive/102100

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Passing Security Information to SetFileSecurity()

ID: Q102100

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Win32 Application Programming Interface (API), included with:
    • Microsoft Windows NT 3.1

The SetFileSecurity() Win32 application programming interface (API) takes a pointer to a Security Descriptor. This is because SetFileSecurity() can set any of the following security information for a file:

The owner identifier of the file

The primary group identifier of the file
The discretionary access-control list (DACL) of the file
The system access-control list (SACL) of the file

When you pass the SD and SECURITY_INFORMATION structure to SetFileSecurity(), the SECURITY_INFORMATION structure identifies which security information is to be set. The SECURITY_INFORMATION structure is a DWORD that can be one of the following values:



Each of these values represents one of the security items listed above. The SD that is passed to SetFileSecurity() is simply a container for the security information being set for the specified file. SetFileSecurity() examines the value in the SECURITY_INFORMATION structure, extracts the appropriate information from the provided SD, and applies it to the specified file's SD. Additional query words: 3.10

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Version           : winnt:3.1
Platform          : winnt 
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Last Reviewed: October 20, 1999
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