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Err Msg: “Word Cannot Read the Formatting in This Document” PSS ID Number: Q101696 Article last modified on 11-30-1993

2.00 2.00a 2.00a-CD 2.00b 2.00c


The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Word for Windows, versions 2.0, 2.0a, 2.0a-CD, 2.0b, 2.0c - Microsoft Windows operating system versions 3.0 and 3.1


When you delete cells in a Word for Windows table, the following error message may occur:

Word cannot read the formatting in this document.


This error message occurs if you use the Delete Cells command from the Table menu to remove cells from your table when all the following conditions are true:

  1. The table consists of six or more columns.

  2. You applied border formatting to the table by selecting the Grid option in the Format Border dialog box.

  3. You select six or more cells in the same row.

    NOTE: The selection must not include the end-of-row mark.

  4. In the Table Delete Cells dialog box, you select the Shift Cells Up option.

NOTE: You may have to repeat steps 3 and 4 two or three more times in the same table before the error message occurs.


We are researching this problem and will post new information here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base as it becomes available.


When the error message occurs, the error dialog box may persist when you choose OK or choose Close from the dialog box Control menu. You may have to choose OK, choose the Close command, or press ESC more than once to close the dialog box.

Additional reference words: 2.00 2.00a 2.00a-CD 2.00b 2.00c deleting tables w4wtable


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