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INF: How SQL Monitor Locates SQL Server's Errorlog


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft SQL Server version 4.2x


You will sometimes get an error message when you try to view Microsoft SQL Server's errorlog from SQL Administrator. This could be caused by sqlmonitor assuming the errorlog is located on x:\...\log\errorlog, where "x" is the drive letter that the master device resides on.

Sqlmonitor first locates the master device's path by doing a SELECT on sysdevices, then it uses a string comparison and grabs the part before "\data" or "\DATA" and appends "log\errorlog" to it. It makes the following two assumptions here:

  • The master device is located in directory "x:\...\data" or "x:\...\DATA."


  • The errorlog has the path name "x:\...\log\errorlog."


If the master device is not in directories "x:\...\data" or "x:\...\DATA," the following error message will be generated:

"error open errorlog"

If the errorlog doesn't locate on "x:\...\log\errorlog," the following error message will be generated:

"sql server errorlog is not available"


If the master device's name is "c:\data\master.dat," the errorlog's name should be "c:\log\errorlog."

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