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Inaccurate Irregular Wrap with Light-Colored Graphics

Inaccurate Irregular Wrap with Light-Colored Graphics


The information in this article applies to:

 - Microsoft Publisher for Windows, versions 2.0, 2.0a


If you format a light-colored graphic to have an irregular wrap, the
resulting irregular wrap polygon may not accurately follow the edges
of the image. Instead, the irregular wrap polygon may crop parts of
the picture, even though the picture is still present.


To correct this problem, you must manually re-adjust the irregular wrap
polygon as follows:

1. Select the graphic.

2. From the Format menu, choose Crop Picture.

3. The individual points of the irregular wrap polygon appear. Choose
   them one by one, and drag them outward to remove the cropping of the
   concealed portions of the graphic.

   Note: If you need to add a point to the irregular wrap polygon, you
   can do so by holding down the SHIFT and CTRL keys, pointing to the
   place on the line where you want to add the point, and clicking
   the mouse button.


To apply an irregular wrap to a graphic, do the following:

1. Select the graphic.

2. From the Layout menu, choose Object Frame Properties.

3. In the Wrap Text Around area, choose Picture Only.

4. In the Margins area, specify the margin width for the wrap area on
   the right and left sides of the graphic.

   Note: If you leave this setting at zero (0), the margins will be the
   same all around the graphic. If you set it higher than zero, the
   graphic's right and left margins will be wider than its top and
   bottom margins.

5. Choose OK.

The new irregular wrap margin appears.

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