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XL4: How Fonts are Mapped from Lotus 1-2-3 to Excel

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Excel for Windows, versions 4.0, 4.0a
  • Microsoft Excel for the Macintosh, version 4.0


When you open and save Lotus 1-2-3 files in Microsoft Excel version 4.0, the current font may be substituted with a different font name.

The font used by Lotus 1-2-3 may not be available in Microsoft Excel. Therefore, Microsoft Excel will use a different font based on a predefined font table.

If a specified font name is not found in these tables, then the original font name is used when you load or save the file. This way, if the specified font is available on the system, Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3 will use that font. If the original font is not found, the default font will be used.


The following tables describe the Impress to Microsoft Excel font conversion scheme and illustrate the six tables used in the font conversion process.

   Number      Conversion Scheme                 Description

   1            Impress font to Windows font     Loading Impress files

   2            Impress font to Macintosh font   Loading Impress files

   3            Microsoft Excel for Macintosh    Saving FMT to Microsoft
                to FMT                           Excel for Macintosh

   4            Microsoft Excel for Macintosh    Saving FM3 to
                to FM3                           Microsoft Excel
                                                 for Macintosh

   5            Microsoft Excel for              Saving FMT to Microsoft
                Windows to FMT                   Excel for Windows

   6            Microsoft Excel for              Saving FM3 to Microsoft
                Windows to FM3                   Excel for Windows

Table 1

   Impress Font Name             Windows Font Name

   HLV                           Helv
   TMS                           Tms Rmn
   COUR                          Courier
   SYMB                          Symbol
   HELV                          Helv
   TMSRMN                        Tms Rmn
   LGOTHIC                       LinePrinter
   LINEPR                        LinePrinter
   P-AVGARD                      Helv
   P-BOOKMN                      Tms Rmn
   P-HLV                         Helv
   P-HLV-C                       Helv
   P-CNTURY                      Tms Rmn
   P-PALTNO                      Tms Rmn
   P-TIMES                       Tms Rmn
   P-CHNCRY                      Tms Rmn
   P-DINGB                       Symbol
   PRESTIGE                      Tms Rmn
   DUTCH                         Tms Rmn
   SWISS                         Helv
   XSYM                          Symbol 

Table 2

   Impress Font Name             Macintosh Font Name

   HLV                           Helvetica
   TMS                           Times
   COUR                          Courier
   SYMB                          Symbol
   HELV                          Helvetica
   TMSRMN                        Times
   LGOTHIC                       Helvetica
   LINEPR                        Helvetica
   P-AVGARD                      Helvetica
   P-BOOKMN                      Times
   P-HLV                         Helvetica
   P-HLV-C                       Helvetica
   P-CNTURY                      Times
   P-PALTNO                      Palatino
   P-TIMES                       Times
   P-CHNCRY                      Times
   P-DINGB                       Symbol
   PRESTIGE                      Times
   DUTCH                         Times
   SWISS                         Helvetica
   XSYM                          Symbol 

Table 3-4

   Microsoft Excel
   for Macintosh Font Name       FMT             FM3

   Helvetica                     Hlv             Swiss
   Athens                        Hlv             Swiss
   Cairo                         Hlv             Swiss
   Chicago                       Hlv             Swiss
   Courier                       Cour            Cour
   Geneva                        Hlv             Swiss
   London                        Hlv             Swiss
   Los Angeles                   Hlv             Swiss
   Mobile                        Hlv             Swiss
   Monaco                        Hlv             Swiss
   New York                      Dutch           Dutch
   Palatino                      P-Paltno        P-Paltno
   San Francisco                 Hlv             Swiss
   Symbol                        Symb            Xsym
   Times                         Tms             Dutch
   Venice                        Hlv             Swiss 

Table 5-6

   Microsoft Excel for
   Windows font names            FMT             FM3

   Helv                          Hlv             Swiss
   CG Times (E1)                 Hlv             Swiss
   Courier                       Cour            Cour
   LinePrinter                   LinePr          LinePr
   Lucida Sans B                 Hlv             Swiss
   Lucida Sans B1                Hlv             Swiss
   Lucida Sans B2                Hlv             Swiss
   Modern                        Hlv             Swiss
   Preview                       Hlv             Swiss
   Roman                         Tms             Dutch
   Script                        Hlv             Swiss
   Symbol                        Symb            Xsym
   Symbol B                      Symb            Xsym
   System                        Hlv             Swiss
   Terminal                      Cour            Cour
   Tms Rmn                       Tms             Dutch
   Univers                       Hlv             Swiss
   MS Sans Serif                 Hlv             Swiss
   CG Times (WN)                 Tms             Dutch
   MT Extra                      Cour            Cour
   Times New Roman               Tms             Dutch
   Courier New                   Cour            Cour
   Fences                        Cour            Cour
   Fixedsys                      Cour            Cour
   MS LineDraw                   Cour            Cour
   MS Serif                      Tms             Dutch
   Arial                         Hlv             Swiss
   Small Fonts                   Hlv             Swiss
   MT Symbol                     Symb            Xsym 

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