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Microsoft KB Archive/101014

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Article ID: 101014

Article Last Modified on 3/3/2005


  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro 3.0 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q101014


Running a Setup program written by the SetupWizard generates the following error messages, even though the Setup program reports completion:

File copy operation failed - incorrect number of bytes written to disk - source file or destination disk may be corrupted - use ChkDsk

Error decompressing filename


The file reported in the error message has been compressed incorrectly, split incorrectly, or the compressing or splitting process was interrupted. These errors can be caused by a low-memory (below 640K) situation, too little free disk space, and/or interruption during compression.

This problem may also be caused by using the default DKSETUP.INI SplitSize setting.


In the directory where the disk images were created, there should be a Compress subdirectory. Delete all the files in this directory, or free up additional disk space, and run the SetupWizard again.

If freeing up additional disk space does nOt correct the problem, increase the SplitSize value in the DKSETUP.INI file from the default of 363520 to 524288.

Or, If you are run under Windows NT, run FoxPro for Windows in its own memory address space and try running setup wizard again.


The COMPRESS subdirectory contains all the files that were compressed, split, or both during the previous run of the SetupWizard. If a file that is distributed needs to be compressed or split and it has not changed from the last time the SetupWizard was run, the file is not compressed or split. Instead, the images created from the previous run of the SetupWizard are used.

Additional query words: expand uncompress setup wizard DK

Keywords: kberrmsg kbprb KB101014