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Formula to Count the Number of Rows in Which an Item Appears

Article ID: 100790

Article Last Modified on 8/15/2003


  • Microsoft Excel 97 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Excel 98 for Macintosh

This article was previously published under Q100790


In Microsoft Excel, you can use the FREQUENCY() function in a SUM(IF()) array formula to count the number of rows in which an item appears within a specified range.

To count how many rows in which a value appears in a specified range, use the following formula

=SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF(range=item,ROW(range)), IF(range=item,ROW(range)))>0,1,0))

where "range" is the range that you want to search and "item" is the number or text string you want to find within each row. If you are searching for a text string, include quotation marks around both instances of "item."

NOTE: The formulas discussed in this article must be entered as array formulas by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER in Microsoft Excel for Windows or by pressing COMMAND+ENTER in Microsoft Excel for the Macintosh.


For example, to find out how many rows in which "XXX" appears within the following range

   A1: XXX         B1: XXX         C1: XXX
   A2: YYY         B2: XXX         C2: XXX
   A3: DDD         B3: DDD         C3: YYY
   A4: XXX         B4: YYY         C4: DDD

use the following array formula:

=SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF(A1:C4="XXX",ROW(A1:C4)), IF(A1:C4="XXX",ROW(A1:C4)))>0,1,0))

This formula returns the value 3, indicating that "XXX" is contained in three rows of the range.


"Function Reference," version 4.0, pages 178-179, 364

Additional query words: 4.00a 5.00a 5.00c 7.00a 97 98 XL98 XL97 XL7 XL5 XL4 count XL

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