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Microsoft Word for MS-DOS 1.00 (1983) [English] (5.25"-160KB)

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Release Date 2023/06/03
Last Modified 2023/06/02
Uploader JustZisGuy
Size 109.04 MB
Original Release? Yes
Media Type kryoflux scp transcopy
Artwork artwork
Source Media Floppy


Microsoft Word 1.00 for DOS
Released in 1983 by Microsoft
For IBM Personal Computers

Image quality: Used/Unmodified

The Microsoft Word word processor was first introduced for MS-DOS in 
1983. Its design made use of a mouse and WYSIWYG graphics. Its crude
WYSIWYG/mouse support was a direct response to the Apple Lisa/Mac,
and VisiCorp Visi On. Initially it competed against many popular word
processors such as WordStar, Multimate, and WordPerfect. Word for DOS
was never really successful.

This archive contains the following disks:
Microsoft Word 1.0 Disk 1 - System Disk
Microsoft Word 1.0 Disk 2 - Program Disk

Archive includes two 5.25" 160k floppy disk images, in Kryoflux, 
SuperCard Pro, and Transcopy format.

Note: This software contains copy protection, and no unprotect is

Protection type: Odd sized/bad sectors on track 39

Note: These disks are formatted for DOS 1.x and Winimage will not 
open them.




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