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Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel (2008-10-10) (beta)

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Release Date 2023/07/06
Last Modified 2023/07/05
Uploader Anonymous
Size 21.80 GB
Original Release? Unknown
Media Type discimagecreator
Artwork artwork (reference)
Source Media DVD-ROM


========== Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (2008-10-10 prototype) [disc 1/4] ===========
                      Dumped By: Cut Into Fourteen Pieces
                          Released By: CVLT OF OSIRIS

The "North American Preview" build of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel for Windows, from 
2008-10-10. Released as four individual disc images for size reasons.

To install, copy the content from discs 1 and 2 into the same folder and then 
run setup.exe. Once installation is complete, use disc 3 to install the "elite"
texture pack. Disc 4 contains the manual.

Seems to contain a more extensive debug console (` key) than the release build.


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