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Exoprimal (0.1.10) (2022-06-23) (beta) [English] [Closed Network Test]

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Release Date 2022/07/29
Last Modified 2022/07/29
Uploader Bruurbscat
Size 18.51 GB
Original Release? Unknown
Media Type folder dump
Artwork artwork (reference)
Documentation documentation (pdf)
Source Media Steam


Languages: English, Japanese (Both voice and text)
General requirements*: 64-bits, Windows 10 Version 20H2 or later and Windows 11, DirectX12
Media Content: Folder dump
Source Media: Steam
Original release? Yes.
Release date: June 23rd, 2022

About: This is a folder dump for the beta for Capcom's Exoprimal as it was first made available for the public in the Closed Network Test. It was taken directly from Steam as a folder dump, on the morning of June 26th, therefore it doesn't take into account any possible changes that may be made after this date, and is online-only, with highly specific playtime sessions. (Originally set to July 25th from 0:00 - 5:59 UTC and August 7th, 0:00 - 23:59 UTC, however the servers were still under maintenance during the planned July 25th session.)
The game runs on the RE Engine. Its main files, aside from some Steam files, and the game's own DLLs, cache files, executables and redistributables - Which is to say, the game's core assets, are all packed and compressed via a single large file.
On the Steam library, it was named "Exoprimal_Beta" and its Steam AppID was 1904230. It doesn't appear to outright require Steam's DRM to run the game's base .exe file, using Easy Anti Cheat as one of its forms of loose DRM on top of requiring a constant internet connection to run the game in the first place. 'start_protected_game.exe' is the .exe that Steam runs, and the actual game .exe is named EXOPRIMAL_BETA.exe, however, without Easy Anti Cheat, the process quickly shuts itself down, albeit not before opening the game's window.
Despite all shown information referring to it as the Closed Network Test, the files it actually saves always refer to it as just Beta or a Beta Test, including the used library name; This is due to this AppID being used as the game's all-in-one during development, with branches for developers, QA teams, ratings boards, executives and etc. As of June 26th 2022, the public branch is equal in files to that of the apparent production branch, which I interpret as being the branch used to approximate the final build. Despite the public branch having been last updated on June 29th, the production branch is listed as having been last updated a month ago, while offering equal files.

Folder rundown is featured below.
Artwork: In order to meet FTP requirements to the best of my ability, I took the artwork data that Steam used to present the game and added that as the artwork. They are featured in their original filenames. It contains 5 images, 4 of which are in .jpg format and one which is in .png format. An icon, a cover art piece, a secondary form of cover art featuring a blurred and non-blurred version, and the game's logo. The logo is the only one in a .png format. Aside from the secondary form of cover art, they all feature Closed Network Test in one way or another, with the icon including the letters 'CNT', and the logos feature 'Closed Network Test' written down under the game's title.

Official Documentation: A .pdf file which was sent in via the email** that contained a key for the game, featuring the game's manual as it was made for the test. It also notes 'Closed Network Test'.

EXOPRIMAL(BETATEST) - The game's unmodified folder, as it was named.

Extras - Features one subfolder. At its base, it has an extra text file, which are the base game's .exe strings dumped directly via .txt file. Launching the game normally and taking them via ProcessExplorer is not possible due to Easy Anti Cheat, therefore it was required to take them via opening the game's base .exe unprotected before the process shut down on its own.
 The subfolder is named EXOPRIMAL BETA, and is the config folder the game created upon launching. The only thing it had, probably as a result of not going in-game myself due to server maintenance, was the config.ini file, which the game uses as its, well, configuration.

*In case the site in question goes down in the future, I have archived the Closed Network Test FAQ as it was listed on June 26th. It features in-depth system requirements. You can find it here via its original link: or here via an archive in the case it goes down in the future:

**This is the original link that was used to view the manual: - And you can find an archived version here, if you want to use that for some reason:


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