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Super Bender Boot Disc (2007-05-08) (beta)

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Release Date 2023/07/07
Last Modified 2023/07/06
Uploader Anonymous
Size 48.34 MB
Original Release? Unknown
Media Type iso
Artwork artwork (reference)
Source Media CD-ROM


================== Super Bender Boot Disc (2007-05-08 build) ==================
                          Released By: CVLT OF OSIRIS

"I think I speak for a lot of people when I say 'I'll believe it when I see 
it'. We've been promised a lot of things over the years by some of these other 
sites. Most of which turned out to be vaporware."
                                         - digitalFX,, 2006-07-11

"sounds like bs to me. would be nice i guess, but running directly from HD 
connected to ps2 would still be more efficient"
                                         - alucard_x,, 2006-07-11

"It is real but will probably never see the light of day. Those in possession 
of it are too 'scared' to release it as is."
                                           - xiaNaix,, 2006-07-11

CVLT OF OSIRIS is pleased to present this historical artifact of the mid-2000s 
PlayStation 2 development industry.

The Super Bender Boot Disc was an Electronic Arts internal tool for booting 
PS2 disc images over the network (using NFS). The goal seems to have been to 
reduce costs by letting more activity take place using retail PS2s or PS2 
TEST consoles instead of TOOL hardware.

The ISO we're releasing will not boot on a retail PS2 when burned to DVD-R or 
CD-R, so unless you have access to a DVD factory, this won't work as a soft-mod
on your retail PS2. If should let you boot disc images from an NFS server if 
you have a PS2 TEST or modded PS2 with a network adapter, as long as the 
adapter was registered before the activation servers went offline. None of our 
members have access to a PS2 TEST or modded PS2 with a registered network 
adapter, so we haven't tested this completely. If an adapter is present and 
configured, but not registered, the Super Bender loader will hang while trying 
to connect to the registration servers in the background.

Historical discussions:


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