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VisiCorp VisiCalc IV 2.0 (1983) [English] (5.25"-320KB)

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Release Date 2015/09/11
Last Modified 2015/09/11
Uploader JustZisGuy
Size 947.40 MB
Original Release? Yes
Media Type kryoflux scp cp2 transcopy
Artwork artwork
Documentation documentation documentation (pdf)
Source Media Floppy


VisiCalc IV v2.0
Released in 1983 by VisiCorp

Image Quality: Used

VisiCalc IV adds graphing, sorting, arranging columns, and keysaver

It does this by including StretchCalc. StretchCalc was a third party
VisiCalc add-on from Multisoft Corp that added this functionality to
previous VisiCalc versions.

This archive contains one 320K floppy disk image in Copy 2 PC +
Snatchit, Transcopy, Kryoflux, and SuperCard Pro format.

Important: This software contains copy protection, and no unprotect
is known to exist. To recreate a functional disk, you must use one of
the formats above to write it.

It appears it may skip the copy protection check if it is run from a 
hard drive.


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