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Microsoft MS-DOS 1.25 (1983) [English] (5.25"-160KB) [Panasonic JB-3000 OEM]

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Release Date 2022/01/01
Last Modified 2022/01/01
Uploader JustZisGuy
Size 36.77 MB
Original Release? Yes
Media Type img kryoflux imd
Artwork artwork
Source Media Floppy


Microsoft MS-DOS 1.25 [Panasonic JB-3000]
Released in 1983 by Matsushita
For Panasonic JB-3000 computers ONLY

Image quality: Used

This is the version of MS-DOS required to operate a Panasonic JB-3000
computers. The Panasonic JB-3000 was an early Japanese x86 based
computer that was not IBM PC hardware compatible. Both 5.25" and 8"
floppy drives were an option.

Important: This version of DOS will ONLY run on Panasonic JB-3000. It
will not work on an IBM PC, IBM PC clone, or IBM PC

Important: This disk is formatted for DOS 1.x and therefor will not
open in tools like WinImage.

Archive includes one 5.25" 160K (Single Sided, Double Density, 
8-sector per track, 512 byte sector) floppy disk image.


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