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Microsoft Flight (1.0.62808.0) (beta)

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Release Date 2012/01/22
Last Modified 2012/01/22
Uploader Anonymous
Size 1.08 GB
Original Release? Unknown
Media Type iso
Source Media Unknown


Microsoft Flight Alpha (a.k.a "private beta"

This is the build released to MS connect invitants.

What you get on connect is a GFWL bootstrapper (also here uploaded by BAVO). It downloads the install files to a temp dir, and removes them
after install finished. I moved the big cab archive to somewhere else before it got removed.
It contained 1 file (contents.***, don't know extension anymore), and a folder named contents.
The contents of the folder I uploaded are the same as those of the contents folder in the cab file, and that is the actual setup.

So run Setup.exe to install.
It asks for a product key, but any random number (even all 0) is good to get it installing.
This only has some islands and 1 plane I think. A couple of more planes and isles can be unlocked by registering
a real key on your gamertag/live ID. I don't know exactly anymore what is always there and what needs to be unlocked.

The key is unique for everyone and is therefore not included.
Still have fun with the limited functionality though!


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