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Kind Words 2.0 (1987) [English]

Appears in Abandonware   /   Applications   /   Commodore Amiga   /  
Release Date 2016/07/28
Last Modified 2023/07/17
Uploader Thaao
Size 123.82 MB
Original Release? Yes
Media Type kryoflux
Artwork artwork (reference)
Source Media Floppy


Game Title: Kind Words
Number of Disks: 3
Publisher and/or Developer: Disc Company
Retail, Budget or Compilation (with name): Retail
Year: 1987
Country of Release: USA
Language(s): English
Platform  (Amiga, AtariST, PC etc): Amiga
Media Type (3.5Inch, 5.25Inch etc): 5.25Inch
Recommended Model (Amiga 500, Atari STE, CPC 6128+ etc): Amiga
Place of Purchase: eBay
Game Working: Yes
NTSC or PAL: Both
Any Extra Information: Works just fine.


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