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VCN ExecuVision Graphics Library 1 (1984) [English] (5.25"-360KB)

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Release Date 2018/07/22
Last Modified 2018/07/22
Uploader JustZisGuy
Size 235.91 MB
Original Release? Yes
Media Type img kryoflux scp transcopy
Artwork artwork
Documentation documentation documentation (pdf)
Source Media Floppy


VCN ExecuVision Graphics Library 1 - The Border Collection
Released in 1984 by Visual Communications Network, Inc.
For DOS with VCN ExecuVision

Image Quality: Unmodified/no write notch

This is one of the six graphics clipart libraries originally sold
alongside VCN ExecuVision. The Border Collection contains a set of
image borders useful for on-screen or printed presentation.

Visual Communications Network's ExecuVision was the first business
presentation package for the IBM PC. It was targeted at business
professionals, and was advertised as a complete graphics art
department on a computer. It was also notable for it's clipart
collection, which was also a first.

This archive includes one 360k 5.25" floppy disk image.

Important: This disk is formatted for DOS 1.x and will not open in
tools like Winimage.

Important: This disk contains copy protection. Although it does not 
contain program code, the ExecuVision software may refuse to 
recognize the disk if the protection is not present. You must use a 
Kryoflux, SCP, or Transcopy to fully re-create the disk. Other 
programs may be able to use the data files without the protection.




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