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Prodigy 2.1 (1989) [English] (5.25"-360KB)

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Release Date 2022/12/04
Last Modified 2022/12/04
Uploader JustZisGuy
Size 93.21 MB
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Artwork artwork
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Prodigy 2.1
Released in 1989 by Prodigy Services Company

Image quality: Unmodified/No write notch

Prodigy was an online service that offered on-line news, forums,
stock information, games, banking, online shopping, and e-mail. Its
primary feature was that it used a fully graphical user interface,
however it was limited to very low resolutions and slow dial-up
speeds, making it impractical for displaying photographs or detailed
graphical documents.

It started as a joint effort between IBM and Sears. The service was
initially offered at a low monthly flat-rate price, with the
intention that the real money would be brought in by advertisements.
When they changed to a per-hour charge in 1993, many users left.

Originally, Prodigy access used a DOS program with a powerful
graphical client-server interface. Later they added a Microsoft
Windows client, and eventually included web access.

It competed against other proprietary online services such as AOL,
MSN, and CompuServe.

Archive includes two 360k floppy disk images.




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