Question regarding non physical media

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Question regarding non physical media

Post by spark »

Hello, this is my first time posting here, and I'm sorry if this should be more obvious but I just wanted more certain clarification

I read the contribution rules and one of the things mentioned is to scan any of the artwork, documentation and media of whatever you are uploading, but the item I wish to upload is not a physical item, nor has any type of media I can otherwise post alongside it, and I really can't even get images from the game itself as its for Xbox One and encrypted I think, so I just wanted to ask what I should maybe do as I want to upload this build but though I have it I can't open it in anyway or include any physical media pictures of it, so I'm sort of stumped on what to do

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Re: Question regarding non physical media

Post by mrpijey »

You can still upload it, since it's a digital title it won't have any artwork.
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