OS/2 1.0 PIGSKIN fails to boot

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OS/2 1.0 PIGSKIN fails to boot

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Recently I've managed to get my hands on a working build of 86box with serial passthrough support and tried to boot the PIGSKIN OS/2 beta on multiple machines, all of which failed.

All the 286es I've tried hang before the System Debugger is even fully initialized, plus it's pretty useless to emulate a 286 in this case as I'd want to test the real mode application multitasking capabilities.

Most 386es I've tried crash after enabling paging at a GPF trap 13 in different places depending on the machine and the configuration, the farthest I've gotten was an IBM PS/2 Model 55SX which actually printed the bootscreen messages but then crashed with a "User Error 0900:1901 Invalid segment register value or cannot reload user segment" which according to OS/2 Museum means that I have an incompatible CPU (even though the VM is configured to use an Intel 386SX, something that should work).

Is there a 86box config which can actually boot this build provided a debugger on COM2 which I have?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: OS/2 1.0 PIGSKIN fails to boot

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You could try a 386DX machine.

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Re: OS/2 1.0 PIGSKIN fails to boot

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If this is the revision 4.41 build, it's not possible to boot under normal circumstances from what I have tested. I have also tried to use PCjs's debugger for that build on various machines and it would refuse to get past the boot screen as it drops to the debugger then it crashes if you try to boot again.

For the other builds, I've been simply able to get them to properly boot on PCjs.

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