DOS 6.22 Programs in 2022

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DOS 6.22 Programs in 2022

Post by Steff »

I still have some DOS computers around, mainly old laptops.

Many years ago I was amazed by the Sega/Nintendo/Playstation emulators. (I am still amazed, but I dont play around with it anymore)

There had been video players and MP3 players for DOS.

There even were "modern" web browsers for DOS.

Especially if you had very old computers around, that wouldnt run recent emulators or mp3 players lagfree using Windows, you could always start up DOSBOX and
run all the dirty tools lagfree. Fascinating.

Is there still any DOS development going on for browsers, mp3 players and/or modern emulation ? I knwo there is vogons and dosforum, but maybe I have missed something over the years ?

Fanta Shokata
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Re: DOS 6.22 Programs in 2022

Post by Fanta Shokata »

DOS web browser Arachne is still out there.
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Re: DOS 6.22 Programs in 2022

Post by Darkstar »

OpenWatcom still maintains a DOS port of their compiler
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Re: DOS 6.22 Programs in 2022

Post by ntalaec »

There are a lot of new programs for DOS. Check the Interesting DOS programs website:

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Re: DOS 6.22 Programs in 2022

Post by Damaniel »

My main interest, DOS-wise, is in development - mainly games. For that, there's no shortage of open source development tools that run on DOS - OpenWatcom, as stated above, plus FreePascal and DJGPP (the latter is my preferred option for retro development). Between that, decent documentation (like the Interrupt List, and even just retro enthusiasts on YouTube and the like) and good emulation (like PCEm/86Box), it's never been a better time to be a DOS retro developer - no real hardware needed. I just wish the community was as large as those for the 8-bit micros - a shockingly large number of games and utilities get pumped out for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 every year, but DOS releases? Not so much.

As far as other software goes, I'm a fan of mpxplay. It will play almost any audio format you throw at it assuming your hardware has the horsepower to decode it. Web browsing is always going to be a little trickier - getting a browser that supports modern encryption and anything resembling modern web standards requires more CPU power and more RAM than you're likely to find in any device that can still run MS-DOS natively.

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